March Treasures

Hello April, what have you got in store for me?  I just know you’re gonna be great!  As we leave March behind I say thank you for all the magical moments with a collection of my favourite images.

and a round up of posts from the month that was March…

I’m leaping out of my comfort zone here

Sharing my weekly Delights here, here and here

Blending up some beautiful Aromatherapy oil burner blends here, here and here

And visiting my soon to be home, Canberra, here

And also working on a few minor changes, the blog will soon have a new home…will keep you updated.

In Health and Happiness, Dee xxx


Dee’s Delights

A huge happy hello to you!  Another amazing week has passed us by, full of fabulousness for you too I hope!

✾   ✾   ✾   ✾   ✾

Here’s some happy highlights

A day in Cairns…lots of little errands for work, a nice lunch and new car research 🙂 

Massages, manis, pedis and hot stone massages!  Getting busier on the treatment side of things as well as developing business plans, long and short term…ideas popping into that busy little mind of mine everyday.  I’m so looking forward to the future here…melding everything together to form my unique organic online business with some face to face goodness thrown in too.  You’ll be hearing more about this as things progress – yay!!!

A super quick catch-up with a friend…sometimes it’s nice just to see one one of your fave people if only for a passing drop-in!

A lovely night cooking dinner for friends at our place…great food (even if I do say so myself!) and the best company!  Perfect start to the weekend!

Lots of green goodness from the kitchen…

Sparkly candles and crystals and blurry abstract images…

Lunch yesterday at The Junction Cafe in Mossman…so nice to relax with Andrew.  Not to mention great pasta!

Getting ready for B-School…yay!  And new connections with some a-mazing women!

Organising a long weekend in our soon to be new home, Canberra!  And realising autumn does exist in some parts of the country!!!!  Help, what clothes do I take?  And shoes?  OMG!!!!

and other decadent delights…blueberries – hugs – inspiring blog reading – e-books – cleaning and organising – saying no – clary sage and kookaburras.


clicketty-click – some new online delights that have brightened my week…check out these new blogs for mega inspiration:

And some autumn shoe love from Pinterest…

  • Shoe Types pinned from here
  • Basque shoes pinned from here
  • Animal Print Shoes pinned from here

Now it’s your turn gorgeous readers…what wonderful things have infused your life in the last week.  Please share with us in the comments section below or drop me a line. Until we next meet, may you enjoy life to it’s fullest!

In Health and Happiness, Dee xxx

February Treasures

Farewell to what was a fabulous February! Thanks for all the love ❤ and as we head into March here’s a collection of my favourite images from February

and a round up of what happened here in February…

Sharing the love with some gorgeous images here and some self-love here.

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Discover some beautiful Aromatherapy oil burner blends here, here and here.

For an awesome Apricot Raw Cacao Slice to indulge in click here.

And if you’re interested in my Intentions and Visions for 2013 read here!

In Health and Happiness, Dee xxx

Dee’s Delights

Howdy everyone!  Welcome to Dee’s Delights, my weekly post of life’s little wonders.  It’s been a beautiful and busy week here, getting lots done and feeling great.  Hope it’s been the same for you.

✾   ✾   ✾  ✾   ✾

Here’s some happy highlights

I booked a little holiday – yay! 10 days off and a long weekend Canberra.  I’m very much looking forward to a little break and doing some more research into our big move plus enjoying the city, eating out,  walking and exploring, visiting Zaija and generally getting the feel of our new hometown!

Enrolling in B-School. O.M.G!!! I did it. There was part of me that didn’t think I would actually press that “enrol now” button, but I pushed aside my fears and I did it…GULP! Feeling very nervous but excited and I’ve already done a couple of things I wouldn’t have thought I could!

Watching B-School bonus videos.  Some time scheduling, organising, prioritising, note taking and confidence affirmations!

Lots of massage clients this week.  I’m so grateful to be able to do what I love!  And work with a fabulous-o therapist who just gets it!!!

I renewed my Senior First Aid Course.  A very long day in Cairns…say no more!

Birthday drinks and tapas for a very dear friend at Salsa.  What a lovely way to spend a tropical Sunday afternoon.  Caught up with lots of lovely ladies I haven’t seen for a while.  Yay for friendship, laughs, relaxation and sunshine.

A Monday at home.  A lovely sleep in, B-School review, week ahead planning, a nice long walk, spray tan and pedi.

I read Melissa Ambrosini’s e-book, 12 Steps to Wellness and loved it.  You can check it out here.  So much great advice!

and other decadent delights…walking – fresh fruit – coffee Wild Sister –  the radio – new friendships and planning my holiday wardrobe!


And some visual love from Pinterest this week…

  • Flowers pinned from here 
  • Jess Dress pinned from here 
  • Agate Rings pinned from here 

Now, tell what happy highlights have made your week?  Share in the comments below or drop me a line, whatever your heart desires.  And until we next meet, enjoy life’s little pleasures!

In Health and Happiness, Dee xxx

Dee’s Delights

Hello everyone and welcome to this weeks Dee’s Delights.  I hope you area all sparkling with health, wellbeing and happiness.  Have you had a great week?  I certainly have…so busy that I couldn’t quite get this post finished yesterday so here we are a day later than usual with some happy highlights to share….

I was featured on the Miss Imperfect blog – WOW!, so lovely to be amongst this selection of gorgeous blogs!  Thank you so much to Maddison, creator of Miss Imperfect.

I received the beautiful maa organics 12 x 12 cards I’ve been working on for what seems like ages!!  So pleased with them, they tell you a little about us and what we can offer you.  YAY! They will be sent out with every product order!

I’ve been doing lots of custom blends for clients…did you know that I can make you a custom blend essential oils or face and body product to help improve your health and wellbeing?  Please don’t hesitate to drop me a line if you’re interested in finding out more….I absolutely love formulating blends just for YOU!  It’s one of my favourite things to do.

Tranquillity Zone is a little quiet….it’s that time of the year – the wet season – when people flea the town for their yearly holidays and we don’t have many tourists.  A great time for catching up on other things and planning planning planning!!!

An aromatherapy oil burner blend for love!  Did everyone have a nice valentines day? I celebrated with a blog post about self love and some beautiful images and a day out in Cairns.

A relaxing weekend! A mani and pedi for me…Sunday afternoon bliss! and a scrumptious lunch at Hi Tide Cafe in Port Douglas on Monday.

And now for something very exciting!!!  Remember the BIG news I told you about here …yes, it’s really happening!  Our beautiful home is now on the market and when it sells we’ll be moving interstate.  So many mixed emotions but I guess the fact that excitement is on the top of the list is a good thing!!!

and other decadent delights…espresso – walking – quinoa – blog reading – holiday planning – Wild Sister – old music and friendships.

clicketty-click – some online delights that have brightened my week…

See above….I got a mention on the gorgeous Miss Imperfect blog.  And to be honest I haven’t had much time this week for internet exploration!  I did have an afternoon of planning for a mini-holiday though….flights and accommodation and things to do and see 🙂

And some gorgeousness from Pinterest this week, inspired by my desire for a holiday…

  • Norway pinned from here
  • Blue Lagoon, Iceland pinned from here
  • Paris pinned from here

Now, tell me, has your week been busy? Share your happy highlights in the comments below or drop me a line, whatever your heart desires.  See you next week sunshine!In Health and Happiness, Dee xxx

Dee’s Delights

A fabulous February hello to everyone!  Can you believe January has passed us by already?   It was a great month though, right?!!  Lots of inspiration and planning for the year ahead.  Anyway, I won’t get side-tracked…here’s some delights from the last week – enjoy!

sunset walks.

Lots of maa organics product planning, ordering, new treatment ideas for Tranquillity Zone’s new menu, makeup love…it’s all happening this year.  And mundane paperwork out of the way too – a big YAY for that!

A cool morning drink with a friend at Hi Tide Cafe, that lingered into the early afternoon…great to finally catch up Ann! and what a gorgeous sunny day it was!

This aromatherapy blend for inner calmfocus and positivity.  I’ve been using it all week!

Food and juicin’ for wellbeing.  This mandarin, carrot. apple, lemon and lime was divine!

Our house, all pretty and photographed…it’s the final countdown folks!

A pedi for me with this season’s pink – Shelby by Zoya.

Some raw cacao love here.  YUM!

An overdue catch up with a wonderful friend last night…I gave her a luxurious pedicure and then she made us dinner…a lovely evening all round!

and other decadent delights… chicken pasta – fresh mangoes – airconditioning – ebooks – organisation – tropical rain and sound sleep.

clicketty-click – some online delights that have brightened my week…

My BIG love this week is a new website I found, thanks to Rachel from In Spaces Between for shedding the light!  It’s called Wild Sister – an e-magazine and online community for women to inspire you to love yourself, follow your bliss and change the world.  Click here to read about the founder Jen Saunders, her story and the magazine.  I’m definitely going to subscribe!

and some great articles on Zenspiration, a website full of great holistic living inspiration.

And here’s some inspiration from Pinterest…

  • magic pinned from here
  • hell yeah! pinned from here
  • it will all work out pinned from here

Now, it’s your turn…what has delighted your soul this week? Share it all in the comments below or drop me a line, whatever your heart desires.  And until we next meet, may your days be filled with fun and laughter and good times.

In Health and Happiness, Dee xxx

January Treasures

A big hello to February!  And as we bid January goodbye, I thought I’d share some of my favourite images from the last month…

and a roundup of posts from January…

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Discover some beautiful Aromatherapy oil burner blends here, here and here.

And my 2013 Wellbeing and Lifestyle Plan might inspire you…read it here.

In Health and Happiness, Dee xxx