Welcome to Dee’s Dialogue…

I’m Deanne, but pretty much everyone calls me Dee.  I live in Queensland Australia with my husband and pussycats. I am a passionate organic product designer, massage, spa and aromatherapist. I am also in love with photography and blogging about all the inspiring and delightful things that enrich my life. I am lucky in life and love what I do.

I created Dee’s Dialogue to share my passion & knowledge of aromatherapy, spa, massage and all the things that enrich my life!…my family, friends, pets, photography, art, colour, fashion, food…and anything else that inspires and delights my soul.

About My Work

I’ve had a passion for natural health, in particular aromatherapy, massage & skin care for a long time.

In 2000 I studied Aromatherapy & Massage in Sydney.  After completing my Diploma I worked in a clinic in North Sydney & then set up Tranquillity Zone, a massage studio in my home in Balmain.  

In 2003 I moved to Tropical North Queensland.  After working & managing day spas in Port Douglas, I decided to once again start my own business & in 2005 Tranquillity Zone Mobile Massage & Day Spa was born.

I have recently created a natural aromatherapy product range called måă organics.  måă is the Estonian word for Earth, one of the four elements in ancient philosophy.  Earth supports us and provides the environment for nature to flourish.  All of the ingredients come from the beauty of earths nature to nourish & nurture your mind, body & soul.  The product range is constantly evolving…join  us on Facebook to find out more.

My aim is to help improve my clients overall wellbeing.  I do this by treating the whole person – mind, body & soul – to bring about a feeling of balance & inner tranquillity.

I hope you are inspired, enriched & delighted by your life and if you feel like sharing the bliss or asking a question please leave a comment below or go to click here to contact me.

And don’t forget you can join me on Facebook or Twitter.


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