Leaping Out Of My Comfort Zone

Dream Big

Recently I took, not just a step, but a big leap out of my comfort zone.  I thought about all the ways I could fall and hurt myself, I had all the usual excuses, some valid some not and I still did it.

What did I do? you might be wondering…I enrolled in Marie Forleo’s B-School program.  Is that such a big deal I hear you ask?  Well, yes, for me it is.   It’s a huge step towards creating the life I want.  I’m as nervous as can be, I feel unsure and scared (almost to the point of tears at times!)  But the important thing is I’ve taken that step, made that commitment to myself.

Discomfort = Change = A better version of YOU!

It feels like such a big deal for me because while I’ve always done whatever I do to the absolute best of my ability,  I’ve never really taken the steps to stand out and shine or to become the very best version of me.  I’ve lacked confidence and believed I could never be in the same league as all those other gorgeous women out there – my “real life” friends (you know who you are lovelies) and those I follow online (you may also know who you are!…see below for some examples!).

However, lately my inner voice has been nagging me to put myself out there more.  To feel the fear and do it anyway!!!  It hasn’t happened overnight though, it’s been a gradual process to get to this point where I can be brave enough to enrol in B-school and to publish this post!  In the last 10 years I’ve moved states, made new lifetime friends, opened a business, developed an organic product line, started this blog and I’m about to make another big move interstate.  All these things have helped me build my confidence, as well as having the most supportive husband I could ever wish for.

So if you’re reading this and think you can’t do it, think again.  YOU CAN DO IT!  I was once the girl who barely spoke at a social occasion, so if I can do it there is no reason why you can’t.  Don’t worry about all those successful people who are already killing it…they are there for inspiration and most of them will offer you help if you dare to ask!  Go for dreams, allow yourself to be passionate, love what you’re doing and live it to the fullest.  These words are just as much for me as they are for you!

B-School hasn’t even officially begun and I’ve already met the most inspiring women of all ages who are taking that next step in creating and expanding their dream life.  They are from all backgrounds and ages…you’re never to young or too old to start!

I’m not writing this post to encourage you to join B-School although you really should check it out to see if it’s for you! (enrolments close on the 4th March).  I’m writing it to improve my courage and confidence and hopefully help give you a push towards doing the same!

If you do happen to be interested in B-School these beautiful ladies have some fantastic deals if you sign up through them.  By the way, they haven’t asked me to promote them and I don’t receive anything in return.  I just love what these girls do on a daily basis.  I decided to sign up through Path To Wellness because I get the chance to win a scholarship to the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, which I am hanging out so badly to do!  Cross your finger and toes for me 🙂

Whatever you’re doing, remember to enjoy the ride!

In Health and Happiness, Dee xxx


8 thoughts on “Leaping Out Of My Comfort Zone

  1. Yay, well done Dee. I had all those feelings before enrolling with IIN. From what I’ve read the successful people do too. I’m sure you’ll go really well. Congratulations. xxoo

  2. You may not know this, but YOU are my inspiration. I adore your positivity and zest for life. You are beautiful inside and out. Congratulations on B-School, I know you’ll flourish. xox

    • Oh, thank you so much Linda, you bright sparkling gem!…can’t wait to spend more time with you when we move 🙂 It’s sooo fantastic to be surrounded by friends like you. Big hugs, Dee.

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