Aromatherapy Oil Burner Blend

Good afternoon aromatherapy lovers!  Please accept my apologies for not sharing a beautiful blend with you last week.  It was a busy one and time just didn’t allow.  In fact the next few months are going to be jam packed with busy-ness so I might simplify this post a bit …I don’t want to stop doing it but I might not include quite as much detail.  I’ll see how I go.  Will definitely see you on Thursdays for a blend though!  Anyway, enough about me! and on with the show…

This weeks blend is for clarity and focus.  It will energise and balance your body and mind, allowing you to think clearly  and escape overwhelm city!  I don ‘t know about you but it’s just what I needed this week.

Basil – is strengthening and clearing to the mind, reducing mental fatigue.  It is strengthening and tonifying for the nervous system and especially useful for anxiety, fear, confusion and feelings of weakness or vulnerability.  It is uplifting and enhances concentration, making it great for decision making, enhancing purpose and clarity of thought.  It is very protective when the immune system is low, there is nervous exhaustion or a big change is occurring in your life.  It is anti-fatigue and purifying to both mind and body.

Geranium – is a fantastic balancer for the nervous system.  It relieves stress & depression, strengthening and balancing the mind.  It is fantastic if you are feeling run down.  It is also excellent for feelings of anxiety, indecisiveness and self doubt.  It is fortifying, comforting and calming, enhancing contentment, confidence and the ability to change.

Lemon – one of my all time favourites, I know I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again… lemon is sunshine in a bottle! An oil for happiness and fun!  It is refreshing and cleansing. It is uplifting and strengthening for the spirit.  It is energising for mind and body, bringing your energy into the “now”!  It is great for clearing a fuzzy mind, increasing motivation, ambition and positive decision making.  It eliminates negative thoughts, depression, anxiety, apathy and stress, replacing it with optimism, laughter, stability, motivation and joy!  A very nurturing oil for promoting self-care and love.  It is also an immune stimulant and has cleansing and detoxifying properties.

What essential oils do you use for a clarity and focus?  I’d love to hear your favourites, share in the comments section below if you so desire ♡

We can make this or any custom blend just for you.  For more information email me at or visit the maa organics facebook page by clicking here.

In Health and Happiness, Dee xxx


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