Four Clear Intentions and Visions for 2013

Let's make magic!

The beginning of a new year always brings with it a feeling of positivity, hope, new aspirations, dream-setting and inspiration to fulfill those dreams.  A sense of being able to make magic happen.  The time to set some intentions and visions for the upcoming twelve months.  Much better than new years resolutions don’t you think?

As I said last year I’d much rather put together some little ways to improve my everyday life.  Make some changes to bring more love, laughter and joy to my days and to those I share my life with.

I thought it was about time to get this years intentions and visions out there…this post has been floating around in my head, on my laptop, in Evernote for a while now!

I’m certain that this year is going to bring together a lot of things Andrew and I have been working on in 2012…it’s exciting, it’s scary, it’s invigorating!!!!  A brand new chapter is about to begin.  In case you missed the huge news, we’re moving interstate!  All in the name of wellbeing and creating a better life for ourselves!  What bigger vision is there?  Moving back to the city to create a more balanced life – who would have thought?!!! But, I’ll come back to that another day!

Last year it was all about…balance, calm and creativity and this year is a big extension of that…more balance, more calm, more creativity.

Really, it all comes down to wellbeing and lifestyle.  As I talked about in this post…juicing (green and any other), eating well, meditating, relaxing, loving me more.  Caring enough about myself to give me what I need to live a happy healthy life.  Being as kind to myself as I would to my best friend.  Filling up my cup first so I can be the best I can.

So with lots of changes on the way, I’m setting four clear but achievable intentions to get me through the transition and on my way to a bigger brighter future.

1. Wellbeing and Lifestyle….follow my 2013 Plan.

2. Balance…no matter how much you love your work, and sometimes I can’t believe how much I love mine, you still need time out to rejuvenate.  This last six months has been all work and little play so now I’ll be having weekends, spending time with Andrew and my friends. I’ll be surrounding myself with uplifting, positive, inspiring people.  There’ll be more laughter, more fun, more play.

3. Calm…. more inner calm through mindfulness, enjoying small (and big!) pleasures, breathing deeply and fully, focusing on the good things and enjoying time alone to recharge.

4. Creativity… continuing with my creative loves – this blog, clicking away on my camera, more maa organics product development and there’s an e-book somewhere inside me too.

How does that all sound to you?  What are your intentions and visions for 2013?  Do you have any big changes planned?  I’d love to hear what you have on your vision board for the year ahead.

I’ll be checking back to here as the year goes on to see how I’m going.  Right now I’m feeling positive and ready for all that 2013 is going to throw my way!

In Health and Happiness, Dee xxx


2 thoughts on “Four Clear Intentions and Visions for 2013

  1. Love this Dee. ” Being as kind to myself as I would to my best friend.” ” Filling up my cup first so I can be the best I can.” these are things I really concentrate on. Love the rest too. xxoo

    • Thank you for popping in to the blog Julie and for you’re lovely comments. Self-care is so important 🙂 it’s something I’m really concentrating on at the moment, it makes such a difference to how we feel and the flow on effects from that are endless!

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