Aromatherapy Oil Burner Blend

Good morning everyone, I hope you are all happy and healthy today and ready to inhale another delightful essential oil blend that I have created for you!

Today it’s all about getting grounded, centering yourself, connecting with nature and coming home to you!…what do say?  sounds fantastic right?!  So open these essential oils, add them to you oil burner and inhale the wonders of aromatherapy.  And don’t forget to let me know what you think…

Neroli – is one of the most effective anti-depressant oils.  It is excellent for anyone who has been depressed long term or short term.  It’s sedative action acts as a natural soothing agent for the nervous system, calming and uplifting.  It is a great anxiety fighter and also good for nervous exhaustion and shock.  It enhances relaxation and is stabilising, regenerating and strengthening.  It enhances self-confidence and fulfilment.  It also helps in times of sorrow especially when accompanied by a feeling of emptiness.  It centres your entire being, reconnecting mind and body to brings about a sense of joy.

Pine – is invigorating and self-empowering.  It is reviving, fights fatigue, increases energy and enhances overall wellbeing.  It is comforting in times of emotional stress, helping to reduce depression and anxiety.  It also reduces self-doubt and confusion, bringing positive energy, love, honesty, inner strength and focus.  It allows you to let go of what no longer serves you well.  It is cleansing on a physical, emotional and spiritual level, enhancing inner wisdom, inspiration and joy.

Sandalwood – is centering, grounding and harmonising.  It heals the soul, promotes tranquillity and is great for meditation.  It also helps create openness and understanding, promotes love and hope and is excellent for loneliness and overcoming isolation.  It gives a feeling of stability and togetherness, providing comfort and healing in times of stress, depression and confusion.  It helps insomnia sufferers and is perfect for anyone leading a hectic daily life ~ and who isn’t these days?!  It is also good for treating lingering past trauma issues.

What essential oils do you use to ground and centre yourself?  I’d love to hear from you, share in the comments section below if you so desire ♡

We can make this or any custom blend just for you.  For more information email me at or visit the maa organics facebook page by clicking here.

In Health and Happiness, Dee xxx


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