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Flower Love

A big delightful hello and thank you for popping in to Dee’s Dialogue.  It’s that time again where I’m here to share all the wonders of the week that was…it’s been a great week despite blackouts galore and weird weather conditions – flooding, cyclonic winds, sunshine and thunderstorms all within the space of 3 days!  What’s up with that?

Anyway, here’s some heavenly highlights

Lots of treatments at Tranquillity Zone’s Julatten Wellbeing Studio this week…absolutely love that!  and time for maa organics product creating and restocking too.  Happy Happy Happy!

The BEST evening with friends in Port Douglas.  My friend Barbara is the most sensational cook…I’m still reeling from the loveliness of the food and it’s flavours.  And I don’t know about you but I love it when you’re chilling out with great friends and the time just flies and before you know it it’s the next day and your thanking your lucky stars that you don’t have an early client!!!

The blissful joy of aromatherapy…a beautiful blend of pine and lavender.   So cleansing, calming and comforting. Read more here.

Getting together my Wellbeing and Lifestyle Plan for 2013. Juicing, healthy eating, meditation, exercise and love for me…it’s all in my plan here.

And in case you haven’t heard, the GIGANTIC news is we are moving to Canberra.  Yep, that’s right….bye bye beautiful tropics, hello city life!  The anticipation is positively exciting!  No doubt I’ll be writing more about it as things transpire…watch this space!

A beautiful post storm walk as light rain fell from the sky…aaaah, soul soothing.

and other decadent delights…flowers – candles – meeting new people – champagne – phone catch ups with friends – late night reading fests – self nurturing – looking through old photos – cooking and relaxing.

clicketty-click – heres a few delights from some of my favourite online spaces that have brightened my week…

This post from Jess at The Wellness Warrior on replacing junk food with natural, nutritious and satisfying healthy options.

Some lovely recipes from In Spaces Between.  Click here to check them out.

And some self love tips on The Path to Wellness website.  Click here to read them all.

And keeping with the wellbeing theme, here’s some delights from Pinterest

  • Love Yourself  pinned from here
  • Listen to Your Body pinned from here
  • Ctrl Alt Del pinned from here

Now, I’d love to hear what delights have brought joy to your life lately.  Please share in the comments below if you so desire.  And until we next meet, be inspired and enriched by all that life has to offer, look around and discover the beauty in even the smallest of things.

In Health and Happiness, Dee xxx


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