My 2013 Wellbeing and Lifestyle Plan

I’m really really really serious about improving my wellbeing and lifestyle this year.  So much so that I’m selling up and moving states!!!  What the???  Yes you heard right!  I was going to wait to tell you in a separate post but there it is, now you know!

Some of you may have heard me going on and on …and on …and possibly on some more about finishing off our beautiful house and finally we’re there, it’s done, well close enough anyway!  Still a few bits and pieces but the fat lady is almost singing!  Now the rain has stopped the camera will be out for some property shots…hello real estate dot com, look at us, here we are.

Yes, moving is the BIG one on the list of wellbeing and lifestyle changes for 2013.   I couldn’t really write this post without including it.  Lots of changes on the horizon.  However, it might take a little while to materialise, although I do have a vision of me in a long warm coat and boots warming my soul with a steaming hot cup of something delicious in one of Canberra’s many cafes this winter….but I digress!

While I excitedly wait for this new phase of my life to fall into place here’s some of the things I’m doing NOW to improve my wellbeing and lifestyle.

Juicing – fruit, veggies, greens galore + synergy super green powder + my Omega VRT 350 slow juicer. Love. Love. Love.  One of the fantastic things about my juicer is that you can juice and refrigerate for up to 72 hours without losing any of natures goodness.  I’m not a morning person AT ALL, so I’ve been juicing at night for the coming 2 – 3 days…easy and no excuses for missing my green juice in the mornings and a fruit and/or vegetable juice later in the day.

Green Juice

Eating for Health and Energy – my diet is pretty good most of the time, but I’m stepping it up a notch, fixing a few bad habits.  I’m eating enough. Eating fresh. Eating quality. Listening to my body and giving it what it needs. Balance. Healthy, nutrient dense meals and snacks.  Super foods. Organic.  Nourishing food I love and know is good for me.  I’m always on the lookout for new recipes and ideas so please feel free to share your faves with me…breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, drinks.

Eat Organic

image from here

Daily Meditation –  I love my newly found daily ritual of meditating.  I started last year but got out of the habit in December when I was sick for a couple of weeks.  Now, every night I do a 15 minute deep rest meditation.  It’s amazing how calming and grounding it is, it clears my mind and relaxes my body.  Yay, for a tension free me!  I’m promising myself a 30 minute weekly meditation too.  I’m sure I’m going to love it!!!


image from here

Exercise – this has been a difficult one for me the last two years, not because I don’t love it, I do, I just love the way I feel after exercise.  But I have been so low on energy and time, overdoing work and other things meant very little time left over.  This year I’m making time for the things that are important to me and being fit and feeling the benefits is definitely one of those things.  I’m not going to be silly about it, I’m making it achievable and enjoyable.  At least 30 minutes a day, that’s do-able right?!  A walk, or if the weather is bad (the wet season is always a good excuse not to go out), yoga.  I love yoga!  I’m so looking forward to a fitter me!  And I’m visualising longer walks and bike riding around Canberra soon,  the gorgeous lake and national parks…and running is in the back of mind too.  Whoaaa, hang on, one step at a time Dee!


image from here

Loving me – more ME time. Pratising what I preach.  Putting me first. Doing what makes me feel great!  Sleeping enough. Happy thoughts.  Reading books, blogs, magazines. Inspiring positive friendships.  Time in nature. Nourishing my body.  Nurturing my soul.  Aromatherapy. Organic face and body products. Regular massage.  Plus all of the above.  What a great combination for a great lifestyle.


created in pinwords

This is just a little summary of what I’m doing NOW.  I’ve made a Wellbeing and Lifestyle Weekly Planner.  It helps to keep me focused. It’s got handwritten notes all over it and will no doubt grow and change as the year passes us by.  I’m already feeling healthier and am sensing some of that good old energy and vitality starting to bubble away!  Woohoo, soon that face looking back at me in the mirror will be looking happier and healthier!

What about you?  What are you doing to create the lifestyle of vibrant health and wellbeing you deserve?  I’d love to hear from you, drop me a line or leave me a comment below.

In Health and Happiness, Dee xxx


7 thoughts on “My 2013 Wellbeing and Lifestyle Plan

  1. Onya Dee. Looking forward to hearing more about the move 🙂 I’ve been moving into a daily yoga/meditation practice too, it’s a wonderful gift to yourself.

  2. Congratulations, Dee! Amazing changes and wonderful adventures await you. Not too many people can say they love winter, but for you and I we say bring on the hats, gloves, coats and boots…fashion heaven, and what better place for it than Canberra! I wish you a fast and successful house sale; I know you’ve put your heart and soul in it and your prospective buyer will reap the benefits. So looking forward to having you and your lovely husband only a few hours drive away. I can see us picking up on fun times together and singing into the wee hours of morning 🙂 xox

    • thank you, thank you so much…we are so looking forward to the next exciting chapter in our lives and of course being closer to old friends and family…and happy there are some things to enjoy in winter 🙂 hugs, Dee xxx

  3. How exciting and I wish you a smooth ride! I have really balanced out my life this year! It’s been easy and feels right and I feel confident I will be able to continue along my path. It’s always great to read your inspiring blog too.

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