Aromatherapy Oil Burner Blend

Welcome to this weeks Aromatherapy Oil Burner Blend.

Another simply one this week.  Cleansing. Calming. Comforting.  Bring on the positive energy, let go and let love in!

Give it a go and let me know what you think.

Pine – is invigorating and self-empowering.  It is reviving, fights fatigue, increases energy and enhances overall wellbeing.  It is comforting in times of emotional stress, helping to reduce depression and anxiety.  It also reduces self-doubt and confusion, bringing positive energy, love, honesty, inner strength and focus.  It allows you to let go of what no longer serves you well.  It is cleansing on a physical, emotional and spiritual level, enhancing inner wisdom, inspiration and joy.

Lavender – is purifying and normalising on an emotional and physical level.   It’s antiseptic property also makes it cleansing on a physical level.  It is balancing, healing, relaxing and brings comfort and strength to the soul.  It is anti-stress and anti-anxiety, very calming and sedating making it great for treating panic, shock, stress, nervous tension and insomnia.  It soothes the emotions and calms the mind for positive decision making.

What essential oils do you using to to cleanse and inspire positivity?  I’d love to hear your thoughts, so share with us in the comments section below if you so desire ♡

We can make this or any custom blend just for you.  For more information email me at or visit the maa organics facebook page by clicking here.

In Health and Happiness, Dee xxx


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