Dee’s Delights

Hello everyone, How are you? I’ve had the most wonderful week! I hope you have too.  Mine has been overflowing with friends, catch ups, side-splitting laughter, great food, and well, just a whole lotta fun.  Here’s the highlights…

An absolutely fantastic few days with some of our best friends from Sydney.  We became tourists too and went on the skyrail for the first time.  It was so much fun and what a fantastic view from up there.  We had dinner at Bucci, went to Mossman Gorge, played in the pool with the kids, ate Thai, went shopping, drank champagne and laughed til our sides hurt!  It was the BEST!  Can’t wait to see you again guys!!!

There was a some work thrown in too.  Massages, facials and shellac manicures and pedicures…all in beautiful locations, I think I was as relaxed as my clients!

A little bonus for me on Friday when my Tommy Bahama dress arrived…remember?, this one that I ordered a couple of weeks ago.  It fits perfectly!  It does, of course, need to be taken up but that’s situation normal for me!

I had a last minute cancellation on Saturday afternoon, so I sat down and did some business planning.  I now have a basic outline of what I want to do over the next few months.  Long Lists. Now to make it happen!

make it happen

I have also started updating my Share The Love page…click here to take a look at some of my favourite online places to visit.  Sooooo many more to add!

And here’s my simple Social Media Weekly Planner …if you’d like a copy let me know in the comments below or contact me here.  I also converted this into My Weekly Planner for my new health and lifestyle plan!  More on that coming soon!

Social Media Weekly Planner

And oh the rain…beautiful, beautiful tropical rain.  And a visit from this gorgeous green frog.

green frog

and other decadent delights… champagne – photos – books – online images – a pink pedi – inspiring quotes – blog reading – body scrubs and camera clickin’!

clicketty-click – some online delights from this week…

This little app for backgrounds is great!

And this article about quick and easy ways to create quotes with images for Pinterest and other social media.  Hope you find it helpful!

I also loved this video from Rachael at In Spaces Between.

And great inspiration on living your most real, true and beautiful life on the Beautiful You website.  Join their newsletter and receive 101 Tips on how to do just that.  I’m looking forward to reading them!

And last but not least some Pretty Packages from Pinterest to inspire you…

  • XO originally from here
  • Fluro Dots originally from here
  • 4U originally from here

Now, I’d love to hear what delights have brought joy to your life in the last week.  Please share in the comments below if you so desire.  And until we next meet, be inspired and enriched by all that surrounds you, be in the moment and live life to the fullest.

In Health and Happiness, Dee xxx

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