Aromatherapy Blend Of The Week

Oil Burner

Hello and welcome once again to my weekly Aromatherapy Blend!  I hope your days are filled with the beautiful aromas of the festive season.

This weeks blend is all about celebrating, ‘tis the season for it after all.  I have shared this blend before, back when I first started these posts and there were only a couple of lines on each essential oil.  So I thought I’d share it again with a little more detail for you.

This is a blend that is perfect for celebrating any occasion…an intimate dinner for two, a big dinner party, a birthday, an anniversary, a farewell, a new beginning…the list goes on.  It creates a just the right atmosphere for a special occasion or no occasion at all!!!  It is uplifting, joyous, inspiring and heart-warming.  Just pop some in your oil burner to create a positive, warm, happy atmosphere.


Clove ~ has a positive effect on the mind and emotions.  It relieves lethargy and improves endurance.  It eases mental fatigue, increasing memory and aiding decision making.  It helps create calm and balance, gives emotional strength and confidence.  It is warming for the body and soul.

Sweet orange ~ is balancing and energising, giving vitality and radiance to mind and body.  It enhances positive energy, enthusiasm, inspiration and creativity.  It allows you to unwind & de-stress, releasing anxiety, frustration and depression and allowing relaxation to wash over you.  It also helps the perfectionist to take a more easy going approach!  It is very useful if you are feeling sadness, apathy or loss of hope by strengthening the soul and bringing  a light-heartedness to your life. It helps create joy, love, communication and pleasure in your day, bringing with it self-assurance, courage and happiness.

Cinnamon ~ like clove it is warming for the body and soul.  It’s energising quality makes it excellent for exhaustion and low vitality.  It is emotionally strengthening, easing depression and uplifting the emotions.  It also reduces tension, fear and sensitivity allowing love and joy to take over.  It enhances spirituality and awareness and is very healing and rejuvenating.

What essential oils do you use to celebrate?  Share your favourites in the comments section below ♡

Dee xxx


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