Dee’s Delights ~ edition 39

Hello everyone and a big festive welcome to this weeks Dee’s Delights.  It’s edition 39 and the second last one of 2012.  Anyone else feel a sense of excitement and anticipation as the New Year approaches?  I have such a great feeling about 2013…positive changes, BIG changes and lots of new experiences to be had.  But for now we still have a couple of weeks of 2012 to enjoy!

This last week I’ve been recovering from a very bad virus…I’m feeling much better now…YAY!!!  Even though I haven’t been up to much, I’ve got lots to be happy and grateful for.  I hope you enjoy this weeks little LOVE list…

  • Lots of beautiful fresh juice, Chinese herbs and 100% pure essential oils to boost my immune system. juice
  • A happy well-recovering pussycat, after a big operation.humphrey
  • We put up our beautiful Christmas Tree.
  • A little house-warming dinner at a friends…and a glass of Veuve – surely that’s good for the immune system too??!!!!
  • I started some business planning for 2013…an exciting year ahead!
  • Lunch and coffee with a friend at the Junction Cafe.  I had forgotten how good the food is there!  Note to self to visit more frequently next year!coffee
  • Lots of blogging – it was so good to have to time to sit and play and write and process photos on my laptop.  Here’s what I got up to on the blog in the last week.

– I shared some Christmas pics here.

– I made an essential oil blend for rest, recovery and re-energising here.

 – I talked about Skin Types here.

– And showcased some of my Solar Eclipse photos here …more of these to come soon.

No online inspiration or Pinterest this week…I promise to include it again next week.  Until then…let yourself be inspired, enriched & delighted by life.  In the meantime, tell me what’s on your Love List this week…I’d love to hear what you’re up to so share with us  in the comments below if you so desire!

In Health and Happiness, Dee xxx


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