Aromatherapy Blend Of The Week

Oil Burner

Hello everyone and welcome to this weeks Aromatherapy Blend.

So sorry I missed a week…life got a bit out of hand!  Too too busy and this blog post was one of the things that I had to let go of last week.  I’m so happy to be here again though with another blend for you to inhale and enjoy.

This is a custom blend I created for a client recently.  It is for rest and calm.  It is grounding, balancing, soothing and sedating.  Slows a busy mind, encourages a restful sleep and allows you to relax fully.

Use it in your oil burner to create a calm atmosphere, pop a drop or two on a tissue under your pillow at night or in your bag to inhale during the day.  Also great in a bath to wash away the stress of the day.

Deep Rest

Sandalwood –  Is centring, grounding and harmonising.  It heals the soul, promotes tranquillity and is great for meditation.  It also helps create openness and understanding, promotes love and hope and is excellent for loneliness and overcoming isolation.  It gives a feeling of stability and togetherness, providing comfort and healing in times of stress, depression and confusion.  It helps insomnia sufferers and is perfect for anyone leading a hectic daily life ~ and who isn’t these days?!  It is also good for treating lingering past trauma issues.

Roman Chamomile – is deeply calming.  It is excellent in times of stress, worry and over-thinking.  It also helps when you are feeling dis-satisfied and greatly improves mood.  It’s sedating properties calm and settle the mind.  It reduces insomnia.  It helps if you are feeling overly sensitive and emotional.  It is very healing and nurturing, enhancing inner peace and spirituality.

Mandarin – is sedating to the nervous system and uplifts the spirits, making it excellent for depression, sadness, nervous tension, anxiety, panic and stress.  It is helpful for insomnia and restlessness.  It is balancing, enhances gentleness and brings joy and happiness to the heart.  It gives emotional strength and support, peacefulness and serenity.  It enhances inspiration and motivation. A very happy oil it can help you connect with your inner child to create a sense of playfulness and bliss.   It also helps prevent stretch marks and is excellent with lavender for a pregnancy blend.

Lavender – I love this oil for normalising on an emotional and physical level.  It is balancing, healing, relaxing and brings comfort and strength to the soul.  It is anti-stress and anti-anxiety, very calming and sedating making it great for treating panic, shock, stress, nervous tension and insomnia.  It soothes the emotions and calms the mind for positive decision making.  It is also antiseptic and antispasmodic.  It is great for the skin, headaches, insomnia and muscular aches & pains.

What essential oils do you use for rest and calm?  I’d love to hear your thoughts…leave a comment below if you so desire ♡

In Health and Happiness, Dee xxx


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