Hitting my RESET button

Lately I’ve been feeling overwhelmed, tired and at the risk of sounding negative, a bit fed up.  There never seems to be enough time to do what’s really important to me.  It’s kind of totally my own fault.  While I’m much better than I once was, I still allow things to get in the way of what is really important and what I need to do for my own health and wellbeing, my future, my happiness.  Don’t get me wrong I have an amazing life.  I have a husband who loves and supports me totally, true and lasting friendships, a business I love to bits, this blog and so much more.  The challenge is to stop judging myself as not good enough because I don’t get everything done I’d like to.  The fact is I can’t get everything done because my list is too darn long!!!…you know what I mean don’t you?  And I know it too but I still feel I have to justify everything.  I’d really like a little break at the moment…things are always more challenging when you’re tired.  I’ve planned 4 days off over Christmas but in the meantime I’m going to make a few permanent adjustments to my attitude, the way I think about myself and my lifestyle.  I’m hitting my reset button when I go to bed tonight.  I’m going to let myself sleep as long as I do, no alarm, a nice long rest.  And I’m introducing these things to bring about some positive changes to the way I think and feel about myself.

  • Let Go: I’m letting go of anything that no longer serves me well and replacing it with things that lift me up and make me feel good about myself.
  • Say NO: There are times when I say “yes” and really wish I hadn’t, but most of the time I’m actually quite good at saying “no”, it’s taken a constant and conscious effort over the last couple of years.   But I’m also good at providing a 2hr justification and feeling guilty afterwards!  So now I’m going to make a point of just saying no, full stop, end of sentence, and hopefully, eventually end my internal justification dialogue too!  Practise, practise, practise.
  • Meditation:  I have this great little app that I’ve been using on and off for a while.  You can choose from a 5-min, 13-min or 24-min meditation.  From today I’m promising myself a daily meditation.
  • Affirmation:  I use affirmations a lot to help in attaining my goals, to reinforce and strengthen my belief that I can achieve anything I want.  But now it’s time to introduce an affirmation to foster a belief that I am good enough.  How about this?…
  • affirmationLighten Up: From now on instead of getting upset and angry with myself I’m going to lighten up and have a laugh.  Good idea right?
  • Take Joy In The Small Things: I’m going to give myself credit here because I am already pretty good at this one, but I thought it was worth including as a little reminder to really look around and appreciate the beauty everyday.
  • Read this book: Isn’t it funny how the right thing pops up at just the right time.  This morning I came across Madly In Love With Me, a book about self-love and becoming your own best friend.  I immediately bought it!!!  I don’t usually impulse buy but this just felt right!  To read the introduction click here.

What do you think?  I think it’s a good idea every now and then to make some adjustments and it was a bit overdue for me!  What adjustments are making at the moment?  What do you do to hit your reset button?  I’d love to hear your suggestions so share away in the comments section below.

In Health and Happiness, Dee xxx

PS  you might also like this post where I’ve shared some self-care tips.

4 thoughts on “Hitting my RESET button

  1. Interesting that you tagged this MADLY IN LOVE WITH ME! Are you familiar w/ Christine Arylo’s new book? Might you be interested in receiving a review copy for a possible review, mention, or guest post on your blog? If so please email kim (at) newworldlibrary.com with your mailing address!

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