Aromatherapy Blend Of The Week

Oil Burner

Hello Lovers of all things aromatic,  hope you are all happy and healthy on this gorgeous November evening!

This week Ylang Ylang keeps popping into my mind, onto my wrists and into my aromatherapy blends!  Every time I inhale the beauty of this essential oil I can feel nothing but joy.  So what choice did I have but to base this weeks blend around the sensual, sedating, serene and self-confident Ylang Ylang.

You can use it in your oil burner, in a massage blend or why not add a few drops to a nice warm bath – heaven!  I hope you enjoy it as much as I am…

Blend of Joy

Ylang Ylang – offers no other choice but joy!  It enhances openness, tenderness, acceptance and togetherness. It improves mood, self-confidence bringing about radiance and a passion for life.  It helps to relax mind, body and soul, creating balance and serenity.  It reduces depression, tension, nervousness and frustration.  It is great for boosting your feminine flare, so if you’re feeling a bit ‘blah’ put on your favourite outfit and spritz some ylang ylang over your body for an instant lift!  It is also good for high blood pressure, pmt and very balancing and rejuvenating for the skin.

Mandarin – is sedating to the nervous system and uplifts the spirits, making it excellent for depression, sadness, nervous tension, anxiety, panic and stress.  It is helpful for insomnia and restlessness.  It is balancing, enhances gentleness and brings joy and happiness to the heart.  It gives emotional strength and support, peacefulness and serenity.  It enhances inspiration and motivation. A very happy oil it can help you connect with your inner child to create a sense of playfulness and bliss.   It also helps prevent stretch marks and is excellent with lavender for a pregnancy blend.

Black Pepper – stimulates the mind, energises the body, strengthens the nervous system and supports the immune system.  It is warming & comforting  on both a physical & emotional level.  It enhances clarity and communication.  It helps when lacking direction and is great when making important decisions. Excellent for reducing fear and mental fatigue, increasing endurance and enhancing motivation.  If you are feeling stuck or emotionally blocked, it helps to get you moving!  It is also great for muscular aches and pains.

What essential oils bring you joy?  Drop me a line or share with us in the comments section below.  Until next week may your magical aromatic journey continue…

In Health and Happiness, Dee xxx


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