Dee’s Delights ~ edition 30

Well good morning to all…hope you are all bursting with inspiration and have had a delightful week.  Mine has been the best one is a while, chock full of life’s goodness!  Here’s the highlights

Hello to my Shirodhara copper pot, isn’t it beautiful?  Now to get a beautiful wooden stand made for it.  I just love that so many new things are happening at Tranquillity Zone…more to come soon!

Shirodhara copper pot

Tranquillity Zone ~ I love working from my home treatment studio, so peaceful and serene.  I was also out and about with Eco Tan spray tans and lots of massage this week.  Who else has a job where it’s ok if your clients fall asleep?!!!

An afternoon out and about in Cairns ~ a HUGE, of the can’t move afterwards magnitude, healthy salad for lunch at Macaron Cafe, Tranquillity Zone shopping at North State Beauty, organic goodness from Go Vita and… a new dress from Love Lucy Vintage Boutique.  It’s an Emma Kate creation that I had to order in my size.  A white vintage crochet, scoop neck, 3/4 sleeve number and it’s short too….sooo not the usual thing I wear but I loved it when I laid my eyes on it and couldn’t resist it!!! Thank you to Jess for measuring me for the dress, I can’t wait to pick it up!

Finally I had the time to start the trademark process for maa organics…a huge excited YAY for that!

and other decadent delights… take-away Thai ~ meditation ~ a raw cacao creation ~ this blog post ~ bubbly with friends ~ research and relaxation.

Clicketty Click….a few things from the online world that have brought me joy and inspiration in the last week.

I discovered the lovely Path to Wellness website ~ I highly recommend a visit!

I watched the first episode of Healthtalks  and am very much looking forward to seeing more!

And a little plug for my beautifully talented friend Linda’s new business House of High Tea – a gorgeous emporium for all things High Tea.  This link is to her facebook page and I’ll be sure to let you know when her website is live!

and I couldn’t leave without a few Pinterest Loves…

Paper Love

paperlove   from here

Book Love

booklove   from here

Flower Love


from here

Until next week…let yourself be inspired, enriched & delighted by life.  In the meantime, tell me, what loves have brought joy to your soul this week? Please share your bliss in the comments below.

Dee xxx

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