Inspiration from Sedona Aromatherapie

Hello everyone!  Today I would like to welcome Sharon from Sedona Aromatherapie.  We met some time ago on Facebook and after writing a couple of posts for Sharon’s blog I finally have the pleasure of featuring her here on Dee’s Dialogue.  She recently travelled to France and here she shares some of the inspiring things from that trip.

Thank you for sharing it with us Sharon, I hope to see you here again soon.

Without further ado, here it is…enjoy!

Finding Inspiration In France

Last month, I embarked on a grand adventure to France.  As I grew up in England and lived there until a life change found me relocating to the United States in 2006, France was just the “next country over.”  Consequently, at the age of sixteen, my first trip overseas was to the wonderful city of Paris.  Over the years, I revisited Paris many times but had never really ventured to the south of the country – until I decided to take an aromatherapy study trip to France this year.

The study trip itself was educational and motivating but during my time away (which included a short sojourn in Paris and a trip to see family and friends in England) I found some much needed inspiration to renew my energy and direction for my aromatherapy business.  They say a picture paints a thousand words, so I would like to share with you some of the things in which I found inspiration from during my trip!  Enjoy!

  1. Sunflowers – although the south of France is noted for its lavender, there are many fields of sunflowers too.  These bright, yellow flowers instantly uplift and make you feel sunny – even if it is a little “spooky” that they are all facing towards the sun in rows!sunflowers
  2. Vineyards – yes, the south of France is famous for its wine too!  Touring a French vineyard (and the wine tasting which goes with it!) is a great idea to while away an hour or two in the afternoon!vineyard
  3. French Markets – local markets are full of essential oils, homemade crafts, quirky products, cheeses, meats, bread – and not forgetting a delicious French gateau or two!market
  4. People – people watching has to be an art in itself – you can learn a lot by watching other people at work or play, especially in a country that is not your own.peoplewatching
  5. Scenery – spectacular scenery and weather provides food for the soul.scenery
  6. New Friends –  say no more 🙂sharonlavender

About the Author:

Sharon Falsetto is a UK certified aromatherapist living in the United States; she owns her own business, Sedona Aromatherapie, offering aromatherapy courses for the beginners and creates custom aromatherapy blends.  She also writes professionally, predominately about aromatherapy, and has been published in Aromatherapy Today, The NAHA Professional Journal and 928 Brides.  Sharon offers a professional aromatherapy writing service for other aromatherapists and aromatherapy companies.

If you would like to learn more about Sharon’s business, visit her website here.

I hope you enjoyed todays post as much as I did!  I’d love to hear what has inspired you when travelling?  Please share it with us in the comments below.

Until next time, let yourself be inspired, enriched and delighted by life’s little pleasures ♡

Dee xxx


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