Dee’s Delights ~ edition 23

Welcome to edition 23 of Dee’s Delights.  Here’s some things that have inspired, enriched and delighted me in the past week.

It has been another busy busy week of mostly work, lucky for me I love what I do.  I’ve been treating lots of clients to pampering, relaxing massage and spa treatments.  I’ve also been working on a timeline for the online marketing of my product range.  So so much to do….exciting times ahead.

In the small snippets of time when I wasn’t working or sleeping (and I did get some serious sleeping hours in last weekend 🙂 – yay!!!), I enjoyed and am grateful for…

♡ a lovely afternoon in Cairns with Andrew.

♡ my furry friends, who love it when I make up the guest room!

♡ a home-cooked roast dinner, thank you Jane!

♡ the lovely landscape I’m surrounded by…Snapper Island from the Julatten lookout ~ I get this view everyday on my way to work!

♡ strong home-brewed coffee by my friend Lydia – thank you honey!

♡ cooking healthy scrumptious food…red lentil and veggie soup ~ hearty and scrumptious!

♡ photography…I always have my camera with me these days.

♡ 100% pure essential oils…I use them everyday for energy and support!

♡ nature…flowers, trees, birds, butterflies.  These leaves are a great treatment room decoration.

♡ and a lovely Monday afternoon at home to finish this post and be creative.  I made a birthday card for my Mum and a bookmark for my niece to go with her special edition book “Coraline” for her birthday.

Clicketty Click….a few things from the online world that have brought me joy and inspiration in the last week.

I haven’t had much time for new discoveries but here are a few of my favourite facebook pages that will inspire and delight you…In Spaces Between, GastronoMel, Kitchen Kimakaze, Rawforbeauty and oh so many more!

And get your “Dee’s Daily Inspiration” on our facebook page.

Sadly, not much pinning this week either but I promise I will get back to it soon!  ooh, I did download the new Pinterest app to my iPad so I’m looking forward to checking out how that works.

Until next week…let yourself be inspired, enriched & delighted by life.  In the meantime, tell me, what has brought you joy lately? Please share your bliss in the comments below….c’mon don’t be shy 🙂

Dee xxx


2 thoughts on “Dee’s Delights ~ edition 23

  1. What a refreshing post! 🙂 I had an enjoying weekend too with one of my bffs (which I thought I should blog about). Lovely photos as well. 🙂 By the way, thanks for following me on Pinterest! Happy Pinning! 🙂

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