Aromatherapy Blend Of The Week

Oil Burner

Do you want to be energised and calm?  Then this weeks blend is for you!

This combination of 100% pure essential oils will boost your energy, while balancing and calming your nervous system to give you a feeling of well-being and happiness.

This blend is great as an inhalation anytime of the day or to burn in your oil burner at home or work.  It will bring a deep sense of calm to your entire being.

Calm Energy blend

Lime ~ enhances positive energy, inspiration & clarity.  It revitalises the spirit and is excellent in times of fatigue and stress bringing balance to the mind, body and soul.  It is also detoxifying, anti-fatigue and anti-anxiety.  And It enhances fun, laughter and appetite for life.

Cypress ~ is cleansing, tonifying and strengthening.  It is great for increasing vitality and reducing nervous tension. It restores calm, soothes the spirit and assists in times of change and transition.

Geranium ~ is comforting and calming, balancing for the nervous system, relieves stress & depression, balances hormones, enhances contentment, confidence and the ability to change.  It is also good in times of indecision and self-doubt.

Roman Chamomile ~ is deeply calming.  It is excellent in times of stress & worry.  It’s sedating properties calm and settle the mind.  It reduces insomnia.  It helps if you are feeling overly sensitive and emotional.  It is very healing, enhancing inner peace and spirituality.

I’d love to hear your thoughts…leave me a comment below if you so desire ♡

Dee xxx


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