Aromatherapy Blend Of The Week

Oil Burner

This week sunshine abounds.  Blue skies and warm winter days are making up for the chilly nights and giving us a little hint that spring is on the way.

So this weeks blend is for sunshine.  It’s for uplifting the spirits, creating serenity and reaching for the sky!

A citrus blend that is perfect for your oil burner at home or work.  It also makes a fantastic body spritz or room spray.

Sunshine blend

A blend of lemon and orange to instill happiness, joy and energy into your day.  It brings a smile to your soul and a song to your heart.

Lemon ~ is a happy oil!  I call it sunshine in a bottle!  It is refreshing and cleansing. It is uplifting and strengthening for the spirit.  It is great for the clearing the mind, motivation and making decisions.  It promotes optimism and brings about laughter and joy.  It is also an immune stimulant.

Orange ~ is for love and hope.   It is for inspiration and pure pleasure.  It is great for creativity and communication. It is balancing, enhances positivity, joy & the ability to unwind & de-stress.

I’d love to hear your thoughts…leave me a comment below if you so desire ♡

Dee xxx


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