Dine And Wine at Zinc Port Douglas

Last week we went to Zinc for dinner.   I’ve always liked the atmosphere there.  They have a great bar and on one side is a casual seating area for coffee or drinks and tapas that we’ve indulged in once before.  The restaurant is on the other side.  And of course there is the famous tropical fish tank that is the wall between and in the male (so I’m told) and female toilets.

Zinc Fish

This was our first dinner visit and my birthday – 21 by 2, but let’s not dwell on that!!!  We started the evening off with a glass (or 2) of Moet with some very dear friends before heading into Port Douglas to enjoy what turned out to be an absolutely beautiful meal in every sense.  The BEST company, great service, excellent food, a divine bottle of red and a sparkler in my dessert!!! followed by coffee and frangelico.  What more could a girl ask for?

Here’s some pics that I captured on the night…let me know what you think in the comments below.





Apple and rhubarb crumble…

apple and rhubarb crumble

Espresso and Frangelico…

Espresso and Frangelico

Frangelico on ice with lime…


Happy Times ~ Andrew and me…

Happy Times

Zinc Fish on GlassTo find out more about Zinc Restaurant Port Douglas

visit them on facebook

or check out their website

or call them on 4099 6260.

Until next time…let yourself be inspired, enriched and delighted by lifes little pleasures ♡

Dee xxx

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