Dee’s Delights ~ edition 20

Welcome to edition 20.  WOW!, how time flies!  Another week gone and here I am again to share the inspiring, enriching and delightful things that I have encountered since the last Dee’s Delights post.

This week has been brimming with busy-ness!  HUGE doesn’t come close to describing the last seven days.

I think I’ve mentioned that it’s the busy season for work and busy it has been.  I was booked out this week, which is fantastic ~ I love it!!!

And we finally started to finish painting our house that we moved in to over 3 years ago!!  About time I say!!! There’s been excuses galore…and some quite valid reasons too, as to why we haven’t finished it.  But the time is NOW, the universe has conspired to putting those paint brushes in our hands and so we must go with it!!!!

So it’s busy on all fronts here!

To keep energised for all these activities there’s been lots of essential oil burning, neck rubs and body oils to soothe and de-stress our muscles as well as our minds!

Also a little bit of time to remember what I’m grateful for right now…

  • being able to find the time to write this post and yes, this weeks Aromatherapy Blend will still be out on Thursday.  Did you see last weeks blend?  I’ve been using it a lot this week too 🙂  Energising yet calming ~ perfect perfect perfect!
  • Making time to post this on Andrew’s Looking At The Light blog.
  • A visit to the hairdresser ~ yay.  Trim ~ Foils ~ Fringe.  I’m growing my hair long long long so a little trim to keep it healthy, a few foils to brighten things up and a fringe well, just because I felt like it!
  • My guest post at Sedona Aromatherpie was published on Friday.  A big grateful hug to Sharon for having me!
  • And so so much to look forward to…more on that later!

Clicketty Click….a few things from the online world that have brought me joy and inspiration in the last week.

I came across these little gems during the week…

  • Sparrow + Sea’s Little Love Notes – I adore this newly discovered blog, check it out and you’ll see why!
  • Terranain – health and nature abounds here!

and of course I snuck in a little Pinning….here a few of my faves

From my Inspiring Words board ~ “Optimism” pinned from here


From my I Love Pussycats board ~  “Black Cat & Butterfly” originally from here.

Black Cat and Butterfly

and from my oh so feminine! board ~  “Gorgeous Vintage” originally from here.

Gorgeous Vintage

Until next week…let yourself be inspired, enriched & delighted by life and if you feel like sharing the bliss please leave a comment below. I’d love to hear what has brought joy to your life lately.

Dee xxx


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