Aromatherapy Blend Of The Week

Oil Burner

This week I’m getting back into my nightly meditation so I thought I’d share my måă organics meditation blend.

I just love using this blend in my oil burner or inhaling it directly from the bottle.

It creates inner calm,  soothes and relaxes the mind and heals the spirit.  It is excellent for positive reflection and contemplation.


A blend of frankincense, myrrh and rosewood to enhance magic, healing and meditation.

Frankincense – soothing, calming, perfect for meditation.  Enhances spirituality, healing and inner wisdom.

Myrrh ~ enhances spirituality, magic, healing & meditation.  Good if you are feeling stuck, uncertain or over-sensitive.

Rosewood ~ very helpful when feeling weary & over-burdened.  Good for insomnia, nervousness and confusion.  It enhances spirituality, relaxation and serenity.

I’d love to hear your thoughts…leave me a comment below if you so desire ♡

Dee xxx


5 thoughts on “Aromatherapy Blend Of The Week

  1. I love frankincense and myrrh, and recently learned that the “gold” that the wise men brought at the birth of Christ was most likely myrrh. It was apparently more valuable than gold. Don’t know if it’s true; just know the rumor!

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