Dinner For Two At The Urban Pantry

As some of you know my husband, Andrew, and I had a little break in late June that included some time in Canberra.  I can’t remember the last time I spent more than an hour or two (having coffee or lunch on our way to the snow) in Canberra but this time we stayed for a few days and it was fabulous…nice hotel, sunny days, shopping and LOTS of eating out!  The Urban Pantry was just one of the fabulous restaurants we went to…

The atmosphere here was just superb and the service matched it.  Rob looked after us on the night and he, along with all the staff were happy, friendly and obviously loving their jobs.

And the menu – it was sooooo hard to choose!

I ordered the braised duck pappardelle and Andrew had coq au vin from the specials board…not much talking going on once they arrived at our table!

Funnily enough there was still room for dessert, after we enjoyed finishing our wine and let our tummys rest!  Frangelico affogato for me and traditional dutch apple dumplings for Andrew.  Delish!

Have you been to the Urban Pantry?  It’s a must do if you live in Canberra or next time you’re passing through make sure it’s on your to-do list.

They are opened for breakfast, lunch and dinner…check it all out on their website and facebook page.

Until next time…let yourself be inspired, enriched and delighted by lifes little pleasures ♡

Dee xxx


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