Aromatherapy Blend Of The Week

Oil Burner

I can’t wait to share this weeks blend with you.

I’m away from home at the moment. It’s been a busy week so far hopping from place to place.

While it’s exciting and fun, travel can also be tiring and a little disruptive, so I thought I’d share the blend that I brought along with me.


This blend of ginger, geranium, lime, cypress and black pepper will help to re-energise and re-balance your mind, body and soul.  Knowing I was heading to cold weather I was also thinking of warmth when I formulated this blend.

Ginger ~ grounding, soothing and calming.  A physical & spiritual cleanser.   It warms the body, promotes circulation & fights fatigue, colds, coughs & sore throats. Increases vitality and endurance.  It is great for travel sickness, nausea and mental fatigue.

Geranium ~ comforting and calming, balancing for the nervous system, relieves stress & depression, balances hormones, enhances contentment, confidence and the ability to change.

Lime ~  boosts positive energy, vitality, inspiration & clarity.  It is detoxifying, anti-fatigue and anti-anxiety.  It enhances fun, laughter and appetite for life.

Cypress ~ is cleansing, tonifying and strengthening.  It restores calm and soothes the spirit. It is great for increasing vitality and reducing nervous tension.

Black Pepper ~ stimulates the mind, energises the body and supports the immune system.  It is warming & comforting  on both a physical & emotional level.  Great for reducing fear and mental fatigue, increasing endurance and enhancing motivation and communication.

I’d love to hear your thoughts…leave me a comment below if you so desire ♡

Dee xxx


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