25 Happiness Habits

Not long ago a friend of mine mentioned how it made her happy to have flowers on her desk at work.  This inspired me to create a list of Happiness Habits ~ little things you can introduce into your life to bring joy and happiness to your days.  Here’s just 25 of them…

  1. take some “YOU” time ~ relax and restore your energy
  2. think kind gentle thoughts about yourself
  3. do what you love
  4. have regular massage
  5. give yourself a facial
  6. enjoy good nourishing food
  7. take a walk in nature
  8. buy yourself flowers
  9. have a candlelit dinner just because you can
  10. take little breaks during the day
  11. listen to your favourite music
  12. look in the mirror and smile at yourself
  13. wear something that makes you feel sensational
  14. sleep in
  15. read an inspiring book
  16. laugh, play and love
  17. have afternoon tea with a friend
  18. meditate
  19. be grateful for all you have
  20. tread lightly with love on this beautiful earth
  21. splurge on a treat just for you
  22. clear clutter
  23. visualise a positive happy life
  24. go organic whenever you can
  25. spend time with inspiring people

These can become a regular part of your life, whether it be a daily ritual, a weekly treat or a less regular splurge….if it brings you joy do it!

I’d love to hear what happiness habits you have in your life…leave a comment below if you so desire.
Dee xxx


11 thoughts on “25 Happiness Habits

  1. Love the list! Whilst I was reading it, I was thinking that some people know how to do this really well whilst others like myself need to work more on these habits. I’m so lucky I have you to remind me which is why I think “25. spend time with inspiring people” should be in the top 5 on the list and the rest should come more easily. Hugs!

    • Thanks for stopping by Kim. I agree, it’s important to be surrounded by inspiring positive people 🙂
      and I think we all need to work on our happiness habits, they don’t come easily to most of us…it’s good to be reminded.
      PS the list is in no particular order…some will be more important for different people at different times ♡ and the list could go on forever 🙂

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