Dee’s Delights ~ edition 10

Welcome to this weeks edition of inspiring, enriching and absolutely delightful discoveries…sit back and enjoy!

Crystal love I’ve really been enjoying the beauty and energy of our crystal collection lately.

Book love I’m forever craving more reading time and have a stack of books lined up.  This week I ordered Diane Ackermans “A Natural History of the Senses”.  It looks soooo interesting, has anyone read it?

Shirt love I unpacked some shirts from my Sydney life.  They’ve been sitting unloved in space bags for years so I thought it was time to bring them out…crisp cottons, beautiful french cuffs, colours and stripes, some even need cuff links (how posh!!!).  Now for ironing them…I knew there was a reason I hadn’t worn them in a while!

Online delights…

Some new discoveries that have caught my eye…I’ll be exploring them more in my late night clicking sessions!

a life of perfect days is described as a place of inspiration + insight. A gentle reminder to listen to your heart, follow your bliss and make every day the best it can be.  I have a feeling this is going to become one of my regular reads!

Lula – the subject I know best by Editor in Chief and Creative Director of an all illustrated magazine called HERSELF.  The magazine looks coooool, I’ve added it to my must-have list!

Everyday Gyaan where I did a guest post last week 6 Essential Oils I Can’t Live Without.  I was really pleased by the response.  Pop over and have a look if you get time.

and some pretty pink things pinned to my Lovely Things Pinterest board


Pretty bike

Pink typewriter

Until next week…let yourself be inspired, enriched & delighted by life and if you feel like sharing the bliss please leave a comment below.

Dee xxx

credit for images:
  1. PINK from here.
  2. Bike with pink flowers from
  3. Pink typewriter from

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