10 Things I Can’t Live Without

  1. Family & friends ~ near and far and including fluffy ones
  2. Love and Laughter ~ to nourish the soul
  3. Work ~ massage, spa, aromatherapy, blogging
  4. Sunshine ~ for warmth and comfort
  5. Crystals ~ for positive energycrystal
  6. Nourishing food ~ prepared with love
  7. A great cup of coffee ~ aromatic and delicious
  8. Books & Art ~ for enjoyment, relaxation and inspiration
  9. Walks in Nature ~ to re-energise the mind, body and spirit
  10. Photography ~ for creativity and fun

I’d love to hear what you can’t you live without.  Leave a comment below if you so desire!

Dee xxx


6 thoughts on “10 Things I Can’t Live Without

  1. I can’t live without:

    * my loving, generous and caring partner
    * my wonderful family
    * my very special forever friends
    * my enthusiastic and positive work colleagues
    * my business and my fabulous clients
    * the fresh air of my beautiful home
    * sunshine
    * delicious food
    * quality coffee
    * a talented hairdresser

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