Dee’s Delights ~ edition 9

Welcome to my weekly round up of all things inspiring, enriching and absolutely delightful!  Here’s some things that have been making my soul sing this week…

Pebble Australia is one of the most gorgeous shops in Port Douglas.  So many pretty things, something for everyone.  Pop in next time you’re passing!

A day out in Cairns ~ for most of us who live in Port Douglas or further north a day in Cairns starts with a long totally unachievable list of things to do and just the thought of it makes you exhausted!!!  But this week Andrew and I decided to have a more leisurely afternoon and although it did include a visit to the dentist for Andrew we didn’t rush or set ourselves an unrealistic number of tasks!  And…..drumroll…I splurged on two dresses, yep you heard right TWO!!!!  WOOHOO, I wasn’t even looking for anything but I saw a lovely Wayne Cooper dress in Myer, not the usual sort of thing I’d wear but decided to try it on for fun and while I was there I thought I may as well try on a gorgeous Cue dress that was calling my name.  I’m a big Cue fan ~ I LOVE trying on things that just fit perfectly and Cue always does that! …..Now I need to find somewhere to wear them, perfect excuse to go out I say!

My bottle collecting for the table setting I talked about in edition 8 has surged ahead thanks to my wonderful friend Lynda from Funstuff by Lynda…she swears she didn’t drink all the bottles herself?!!  I believe her!!!  I’m looking forward to buying some heliconias for my tropical table setting…stay tuned for a pic next week!

Learning and Leisure ~ I love that I can combine the two!  I’m booked in to do a Shirodhara Course at the end of June and I can’t wait.  I’m so excited as I’ve wanted to learn this amazing technique for so long and have finally found somewhere to do it.  It means a trip to Sydney so Andrew and I are going to have a mini break together prior to the course.  Yippee!!!!  Now for some winter wardrobe planning…as much as I am not a cold weather person I do love a winter coat and high heel boots!!!

Thai Red Curry

Dinner with old friends…Nothing beats catching up with old friends for a drink, dinner and a laugh.

I love sharing my home and cooking for people I love.

Note to self to make time to do it more often.

Online delights…

Here are some links I seem to be clicking on regularly these days…

and some Pinteresting things pinned to my Culinary Delights board…

Press for Champagne

Lavender & Champagne

Cup of Love

Until next week…let yourself be inspired, enriched & delighted by life and if you feel like sharing the bliss please leave a comment below.

Dee xxx

credit for images:
  1. Press for champagne originally pinned here.
  2. Lavender and champagne from
  3. Cup of Love from

7 thoughts on “Dee’s Delights ~ edition 9

  1. I love Cue but it doesn’t fit my bust. I’m still on the look out for a new winter coat and low-heeled boots to replace the high-heeled ones I have. Never did find out what happened to Layla’s shop in Balmain, if she moved or closed down but thinking it was the latter as there wasn’t any moved to sign.

    • love winter coats, just got out my fuchsia pink one for the Sydney trip 🙂
      Layla’s shop Shoe Fetish moved to 198 LIverpool Road, Ashfield. I haven’t visited the shop yet but I’m sure she’s still got a fantastic selection!

      • Love it! Hmm… perhaps I can work on the gin or rum bottles for you too. Altho I do have some yummy looking dessert wine bottles sitting in the fridge. June was when you were in town to pick them up, right?

      • last night I finished the last glass of dessert wine that has been in our fridge for months!!! ….thinking I might need to get another as the bottles come in lovely shapes 🙂
        Yes, in Sydney for a couple of nights at the end of June 🙂

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