Aromatherapy Skincare: Treating Insect Bites

A little while ago someone asked me for some aromatherapy tips for treating insect bites.  I live in the tropics where mozzies (mosquitos) and other pesky flying insects can get pretty annoying, especially during the wet season.  I get effected quite badly by insect bites – big red welts and sometimes even bruises, very attractive!!!  I always keep these essential oils close at hand so  I can quickly treat any nasty bites or stings:

  • Lavender ~ calms and soothes the skin, has anti-inflammatory properties and helpsprevent bruising.
  • Patchouli ~ soothes the skin and is a great anti-itch skin remedy.
  • Peppermint ~ is very cooling, it takes the heat, redness and itch out of bites.
  • Sandalwood ~ very soothing and anti -inflammatory.
  • Tea tree ~ soothing and anti-bacterial to relieve insect bites.

Dab 1 drop of essential oil (or combination) directly onto the area.  Alternatively add 2.5%  (5 drops) essential oil to 10mls of a carrier oil such as camellia, jojoba or almond and apply a small amount to the area.  I suggest initially use the undiluted essential oil and then make up the essential oil and carrier oil blend for reapplying as needed.

You can also use these essential oils with insecticide properties to keep the nasty little insects away before they bite you.

citronella ~ eucalyptus ~ lavender  ~ niaouli ~ peppermint ~ tea tree

Add one or a combination of any of these essential oils  to 100ml bottle of water in a 2.5  – 5% solution (this equates to approximately 50 – 100 drops), shake well and spray over your body being careful of your eyes!

Don’t forget to make sure you are using a 100% Pure Essential Oil and not a fragrant oil.

I know some of you out there are lucky enough not to be liked by mosquitos and other insects but for those of you that are I hope this information will help you.  If you’d like to know more please don’t hesitate to ask.


Dee xxx

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