5 Autumn Must Do’s

I know technically Autumn began a month ago but here in the tropics I always think of April as being the end of summer. It’s when the humidity drops and the rain eases. Everyone breathes a sigh of relief and smiles at the thought of sunny winter days and cool evenings. I live in the hills behind the tropical coast of Far North Queensland where it actually gets very cold at night – we even have a gas fireplace, one of those ones that looks real but doesn’t require any cleaning or firewood!

I’m not a lover of cold weather but this year I have to say I’m dreaming of throwing on a pair of jeans, hot soups and curries and weekends curling up with a good book!  This got me thinking about some Must Do’s for Autumn, so here’s my list of top 5 Autumn Must Do’s…

  1. Recipe retrieval: dig out your favourite recipes for the colder months ahead.  I love making soups… creamy lentil with veggies and pumpkin are two of my favourites.  I always make a big batch and freeze some for easy weekday dinners.
  2. Get your skin ready for winter: book in for a facial or a  full body exfoliation and hydration to get your skin ready for the dry months ahead. If you can’t make it to your favourite spa or salon spend an afternoon at home pampering yourself.
  3. New season wardrobe planning:  take the opportunity to give your winter wardrobe a detox.  Will you really wear that old pair of jeans/shirt/top/whatever again?  If it doesn’t make you feel good when you put it on then throw it out!  Simple!  I don’t buy a lot of clothes these days but every season I think it’s nice to invest in one beautiful thing.  Last winter I indulged in a gorgeous Yoshi Jones wrap dress ~ I still feel a little guilty about the price tag but I LOVE it (as much as you can love a dress that is!) and I feel great when I wear it.  Not sure what this winter’s indulgence is going to be yet but I’m head over heels (excuse the pun!) for these red boots!
  4. Brew some tea: try organic green tea – supercharged with anti-oxidants or perhaps some hibiscus and rose tea – high in vitamin C. Both fantastic for boosting your immune system to help keep those winter flus at bay.Tea
  5. Plan a Winter weekend getaway: book in to your favourite city hotel, discover a country hideaway or escape to the sun ~ Port Douglas is paradise in winter!Sugar Wharf, Port Douglas

Until next time let yourself be enriched by all of life’s delights and if you feel like sharing your Autumn Must Do’s please leave a comment below.



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