“What is she talking about?”  I hear you ask.  Well,  piparkoogid are Estonian cookies full of sugar and spice and all things nice!  I was introduced to them the first Christmas I spent with my then husband to be’s family.  More-ish is an understatement!

The only time I’ve ever made piparkoogid was many years ago with my mother-in-law, Maimu, who grew up in Estonia and came to live here after the war.  She passed away several years ago but I will never forget the most amazing Northern European food she prepared in the most abundant quantities!  At Christmas there would be huge containers of piparkoogid distributed throughout the family to keep us going for weeks and weeks…and weeks.

Andrew (my husband) and I haven’t spent Christmas with our families since moving from Sydney nearly 9 years ago.  We usually have our own little Christmas Eve Dinner and spend time with friends who also don’t have family nearby.  This year I thought I’d try my hand at making piparkoogid by myself.  I put aside an afternoon and was all prepared, or so I thought…I’d forgotten to buy one key ingredient ~ damn!!! and I never quite found another time to make them.

When I noticed all the unopened spices in my pantry the other week I thought why not make them now ~ perfect for a rainy weekend!  Would you believe I bought a brand new baking tray which turned out to be too big for my oven!  Thank goodness for great neighbours who not only lend you a baking tray & baking paper but also a heart and star cookie cutter ~ yay!!!

Here’s how it worked out…

creaming the butter

warming the sugar and spices

espresso cup from Tallin

warm cookies

afternoon tea?

I can certainly see how there were so many to go around when Maimu made them.  I made 85 cookies which was only a third of the recipe…you’d seriously need all day to bake the full quantity.

They taste great even if I do say so myself…and they got the sign of approval from Andrew too! So,  I guess that means I’ll be making them this Christmas!  In the meantime I’ll try to stick to some healthier options…after this batch has all been devoured that is!

Until next time, let yourself be inspired, enriched & delighted by life and if you feel like sharing your baking delights please leave a comment below.



6 thoughts on “Piparkoogid

    • Just had a look at the recipe Kim, I think the German ones are a little different ~ more like a soft gingerbread? Piparkoogid are more like cookies, although they are nice when they go a bit soft too 🙂 Lovely for any celebration!

      • I guess it depends how long you cook them for. My ones were more like cookies or a rather firm gingerbread. The recipe above perhaps is not the same as the one I used. I know can get the recipe again from Mum’s cookbook when I visit. Perhaps I should bake some and mail them to you to compare. 🙂

  1. WOW they look delicious. Can I have the recipe Please. I made some biscuits today as well and your Father has just about eaten them all.
    Love Mumxo

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