Dee’s Delights ~ edition 6

Welcome, as always, to Dee’s Delights, a regular post where I share the things that have recently inspired, enriched & delighted me!  This is our 6th edition of delightful things!

Online delights

Dear Heart blog ~ I found this beautiful blog on In Spaces Between in their Blogs to Bookmark post.  Dear Heart is all about simple and beautiful living.  I love the words on her about page…

“luxury through simplicity. Few “things”, true quality, more moments to remember”.

Echoes of Love is a gorgeous page on Facebook full of inspiring words and images galore!

Cupcakes and Cashmere blog ~ inspiration abounds here from home, fashion, recipes and how to delights!

Culinary Delights

I’ve been cooking up a storm lately…and loving it!

Pancakes for Sunday brunch ~ Divine! A big thanks to i am not a celebrity for the lovely reminder of how simple yet delicious the good old fashioned pancake can be.

Lemon & Lime Tart ~ Thank you to Jamie Oliver for this little dinner party gem.  Absolutley delish with fresh blueberries and great friends!

…and summer salads galore, big vegie stir fries and lots of tropical fruit too.

Photographic Delights

I’m loving the last of the warm tropical rainy season days…

rainy season days

Addicted to Aromatherapy

 “There is nothing better than inhaling an aroma you love and feeling the effect through your entire body, it’s like coming home!” Dee

Aromatherapy has been a part of my life for a very long time.  The healing benefits of essential oils are amazing on both an emotional and a physical level.  If you’ve visited my blog before you may have already seen that I’ve written about Aromatherapy for Anxiety, Cooling Essential Oils,  My Aromatherapy Holiday Kit and Aromatherapy for Grief…and there will be more to come!   I use essential oils every day.  At the moment my favourites are Rosemary, Cypress, Geranium and Lime, but ask me tomorrow and I might tell you completely different ones.  That’s just one of the joys of aromatherapy ~ different essential oils enhance each day, depending on the energy surrounding you and what you need.  If you’d like to know more about it please let me know, I love sharing my passion!

Until next time..,let yourself be inspired, enriched & delighted by life and please leave me a comment below if you so desire.

2 thoughts on “Dee’s Delights ~ edition 6

  1. Hi Dee,
    Thanks for sharing your inspiring post about aromatherapy. Although I don’t use essential oils on a regular basis I have found, in times of need, they are very effective. I’ve heard frankinsense has good anti-aging properties is this true? Also, I’m having a huge house clean at the moment and thought eucalyptus would be good.
    Thanks once again for your blog. Regards, Carly

    • Hi Carly, I’m glad you enjoyed my post! Thank you for reading it! Yes, Frankinsence does have anti-ageing properties and Eucalyptus is perfect for a house clean – very cleansing and re-energising. Enjoy your day, Dee.

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