One of those days…

It doesn’t happen very often but yesterday I had “one of those days”….blerh, yuk, sigh!!!!  Actually I should say one of those mornings because the day did turn around!

I was feeling like things just weren’t quite falling in to place from sleeping through the alarm to the fact that the road to Cairns was closed and well, I guess I was just tired.  It happens sometimes and negative thoughts start to creep in….

It got to lunch time and I was feeling very weary.  I’d been in front of the computer for a couple of hours working on a document and I realised how tired I was …..time for some positive action I thought to myself! and right at that moment the sun began to shine – literally!!!! WOW!!!!!   Out it came from behind the clouds to remind me of how wonderful life is!  It didn’t stay out for long, but I took it as a good sign.

So what did I do to perk myself up?  Just a few simple things…

  • I had a big healthy salad for lunch before going back to work.
  • I inhaled some happy uplifting pure essential oil of lemon!
  • I had an afternoon tea break and got some fresh air.
  • I had a productive afternoon of work and finished some things I’ve been wanting to get done.
  • I turned to my Inspiring Words board on Pinterest.
  • I had one of my favourite dishes for dinner.
  • I had a relaxing evening watching a couple of comedies on tv for a good old fashioned laugh!
  • I made sure I got to bed early….well relatively early for me!

Sometimes our bodies are trying to tell us something and we really need to stop and listen!!!  Take a break, eat well, get organised or just give ourselves a little treat…and you can turn your day around!

Here’s a few words from from my Inspiring Words board on Pinterest to finish off….

From happy interior blog


from This Sparkly Life

Until next time, let yourself be enriched by all of lifes delights and if you feel like sharing your pick-me-up tips for when you’re having one of those days please leave a comment below.


8 thoughts on “One of those days…

  1. I like to walk bare feet in grass or put my feet in the ocean. Lying in the park and looking up at the sky and cloads – talking to the loved ones that have passed…

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