Aromatherapy for Grief

I’ve been thinking about grief since last November when I lost one of my beautiful little pussycats.   To some people that might not seem much but to others it can be one of the most painful things imaginable.  That’s the thing about grief, it’s different for everyone, but it is part of all our lives so I thought, even though it can be upsetting to think about, I’d share some things that might be helpful.

Grief can be such a hard thing to cope with and we all have our own way of dealing with it.  We not only grieve when someone we love dies, but at the end of a relationship or a chapter in our lives or when a big change occurs.

Some of the ways to work through grief include (but are certainly not limited to) crying, meditating, writing, drawing, photography, talking. Do whatever helps you and most importantly look after yourself, nurture yourself, eat well and try to get a good nights sleep or rest when you can.

Another very helpful tool is the use of essential oils.  Choose whichever ones make you feel good.  Here are my top ten suggestions.

Basil ~ very useful for anxiety, fear, confusion and hysteria, it helps relieve fatigue and gives strength, purpose and clarity to the mind.  It provides protection during change when nervous exhaustion, vulnerability or low immune system may be present.

Bergamot ~ is very soothing, strengthening and balancing to the emotions.  It helps in letting go and relieving loneliness, sadness and grief.

Cypress ~ Helps with painful transitions like bereavement or the end of a close relationship.  It is great when you constantly feel like bursting into tears.  It enhances the process of letting go and acceptance.  It strengthens an overburdened nervous system.  Is very soothing and cleansing for the spirit.  It provides a deep sense of calm.

Lavender ~ helps to alleviate depression, stress, shock, panic and hysteria.  It is calming, balancing, sedating to the nervous system and enhances spirituality.

Neroli ~ one of the best anti-depressant oils, it is calming and soothing, stabilising and strengthening.  Enhancing peace and love it helps overcome sorrow, trauma and loneliness.

Roman Chamomile ~ deeply soothing, calming and healing especially when you are feeling sensitive.  Great for an overactive mind, eases worry and helps with insomnia.

Rose ~ is comforting for the heart and soothing to the emotions. It helps ease sorrow, emotional stress, grief, loss, loneliness and sadness.  It nurtures the mind, body and soul.

Rosemary ~ a great tonic for the nervous system. Very strengthening, centering and stabilising. It helps reduce sadness and restore clarity.

Rosewood ~ has a calming, yet uplifting effect which is great for emotional exhaustion.  It is perfect for healing of the spirit and soul, bringing balance and an open heart.

Ylang Ylang ~ helps ease severe tension and associated depression.  It enhances tenderness, acceptance and serenity.  It gives you a lift, helping to restore confidence and a passion for life.

Other essential oils you might find useful are vetiver, pine, melissa, marjoram, palmarosa, grapefruit, petitgrain…or whatever you are attracted to.

I find inhalation the best method of use for grief  ~ you can inhale directly from the bottle, place a few drops on a tissue, add 10 – 15 drops to your oil burner or place a drop on your pillow.  Using essential oils in the bath is also very helpful ~  add a few drops to a warm bath, making sure you thoroughly disperse them in the water.

I hope this information has been or will be helpful to you.

Here is some other helpful info about grief and coping with grief from GriefLink.  And remember, if you are going through the grieving process and feel you are not coping please seek professional advice, there is always someone who can help you through it.


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