The Seabean Effect

Seabean Cafe Restaurant

Oh my, I’ve been to Seabean Cafe & Restaurant three times now and I always leave feeling utterly, completely, totally, absolutely stuffed, sorry I should say FULL!!!  I call it the Seabean Effect…they are well known for their generous portions!!! You’ll never leave feeling hungry and everything is the highest quality, some of the very best food I’ve ever had.

Yesterday was the end of a busy week and the first time we’d been out on a Saturday night in sooooo long! I even left my blogging hat…and camera (damn!) at home for an evening of fantastic food, wine and the always great company of my husband who still opens the car door for me after all this time – how impressive is that?

Anyway, since I didn’t have my camera to record the amazing food I wanted to just mention the great March special of 2 main courses and a bottle of wine for $50…it doesn’t get much better than that!  We both had Moroccan Lamb (which I believe is going to be on their new menu coming soon) accompanied by a lovely bottle of Red…and then added some dessert – Andrew had coconut brûlée – a tantalising tropical twist on the traditional brûlée and I had lemon myrtle panacotta – scrumptious!…and I wonder why I could hardly move afterwards!!!

Before I go I just want to mention the friendly happy staff and thank them for the great service and lovely atmosphere.

Oh what a wonderful start to the weekend!  Next time I promise I’ll take my camera so I can capture some mouth-watering shots for you to enjoy.

For more information visit Seabean on Facebook or their website.

I hope you are enjoying your weekend…please feel free to share your highlights by leaving a comment below.


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