Looking at the Light

“A photograph is a moment, but a perfect moment. It is complete” Andrew Kalda.

I might be a bit biased but I love the photographic work of Andrew Kalda, my husband, for those of you who don’t know!

His infrared photography is one of my particular favourites at the moment…infrared photography uses film or digital sensors that are sensitive to infrared wavelengths of light.  It produces a lovely effect with lots of contrast and an often dream-like appearance.

Some of these images were taken on the old kodak infrared film, which isn’t available anymore, and the others were done on a canon digitial SLR that he had converted to an infrared camera – clever!!!

Mango Tree


Wedding Photographer

cane flowers

Budding flower

Cooktown Lighthouse

Tablelands Tree

Hunter Valley Horses

Afternoon in the Park, Sydney

For more of Andrews infared images click here.  To follow Looking at the Light on Facebook click here.

Until next time, let yourself be inspired and enriched by all of lifes delights and if you feel like sharing your thoughts on infrared photography please leave a comment below.

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