My Weekend Bliss ~ 2

18/19 March 2012

Firstly I just want to assure you that I won’t be writing about every single weekend in my life…I wouldn’t do that to you!  But since this one was very rainy I thought I’d share some weekend bliss, wet season style.

We haven’t had much of a wet season this year but it finally hit us during the week…rain, rain and more rain!!!  EMBRACE it, I say!  I LOVE tropical rain, it sure beats the cold winter Sydney rain that I endured for the many years I lived there.  The thing is though, you must be prepared, when the rain hits in the tropics…flooding happens quickly, which can mean you are stranded, hopefully at home!

We’d had a lot of rain during the week and our road out had already flooded a couple of times so we were prepared for the weekend as the tropical low passed over us with lots of food, magazines, books, a dvd…all the ingredients for a great weekend in!

If the truth be known we often have a weekend in, but the possibility of being flooded in  was a good excuse to be a little indulgent and spoil ourselves.  Here’s some of my weekend bliss at home…

  • Saturday afternoon coffee with a decadent dash of cream.
  • Baking Estonian cookies ~ more on that later…
  • A very late Saturday night and a long lie in on Sunday.
  • Reading This Sparkly LIfe’s new blog post about slowing down and living in the moment.
  • Sorting through cardstock, paper and pretty things for card making.
  • Making some cute little gfit tags, mini cards and some larger ones too.

  • Cooking Andrew’s favourite dinner for us and watching a movie.
  • A lazy hour or two reading my book.
  • Watching the tropical rain fall in our front yard forest.
  • Getting some blogging ideas down on paper and thinking about a slightly new look for Dee’s Dialogue??!!

And here we are at Tuesday morning again…my first client of the week is at my home studio, so it’s not far to go to work this morning!

I’d love hear about your Weekend Bliss…What do you love doing on those weekends you spend at home.  If you feel like sharing leave a comment below.


5 thoughts on “My Weekend Bliss ~ 2

  1. I am dreaming of a very lazy weekend…just reading or simply doing nothing.
    Hope it will come soon…with the holidays.
    But, with sunny and warm days and the sea so close,who can stay at home?
    Best regards from Portugal

  2. Thanks for the shout-out Dee! 🙂 Your front yard forest looks like BLISS. I’m an outdoor person but I looove the occasional rainy day, they just feel so cosy 🙂 I like to cook, surf the net, watch movies and cuddle my fur-babies! I loved your post on rituals too; it’ll definitely help in my quest to be more mindful xx

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