My Weekend Bliss

11/12 March 2012

This year marks the beginning of new chapter for me and having weekends are a big part of that, so I thought I share some of the bliss here.

My week ends on Saturday and this week I saw my last client at my home studio so after cleaning my treatment room and equipment I went for a short evening walk with my husband and then we had a relaxing dinner and watched The Girl Who Kicked The Hornets Nest.  I’ve seen all three of the Millennium Trilogy now…the Swedish version that is.  I’m yet to see the Hollywood version of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo ~ should I put it on my to do list?

dress from RetropolisSunday, I was up nice and early (very unlike me) for Holloways Beach Market.  I used to be a stall-holder at the Port Douglas Markets so it is very nice indeed to be on the other side of the marquee so to speak!  Unfortunately there was a lot of rain and when we arrived most of the stalls had already packed up…but lucky for me, Retropolis, the stall that I got out of bed early for, was still there.  I had a lovely chat to the owner, Genevieve, she hunts down second hand clothing and always has a great selection of goodies.  This week I grabbed a 60’s looking dress, which I may remodel into a top, in a lovely fabric of yellows, blacks and greys.  Possibly THE first yellow garment ever to hang in my wardrobe!

The rest of the afternoon was spent running a couple of errands and adding a bit of colour to my kitchen utensil draw…

On the way home I just had to stop and take a couple of snaps of the tropical wet season sky…and I thought this leaf on the beach was a nice contrast to the clouds above.

Wet Season Skies Blue

Wet Season Skies Black

leaf on beach

I love it when Sunday is drawing to a close and I realise I still have another whole day off…bliss, I can sit back and plan more relaxation and fun…and blogging!

Zoya Nail LacquerAaaaah, BIG Monday sleep in and then the day began with pancakes for brunch…well I had to try out my new whisk and egg lifter didn’t I?!!   A bit of reading, downloading & photoshopping of images, facebook, wordpress, a zoya pedi and shellac mani all made for a relaxing afternoon…

Believe or not, it’s Tuesday already and I am looking forward to seeing some clients in Port Douglas this afternoon.  It’s so incredibly nice to have a balance between work and play.

I’d love hear about your Weekend Bliss…if you feel like sharing leave a comment below.



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