Dee’s Delights ~ edition 5

Welcome, as always, to Dee’s Delights, a regular post where I share the things that have recently inspired, enriched & delighted me!  This is our 5th edition of delightful things!

Online delights

Blogs galore!!!  I can’t tell you how much I love finding new and inspiring blogs to bookmark.  Here are a just three of my new favourites that I’ve discovered since we last spoke…

Green Kitchen Stories is full of the most amazing healthy vegetarian recipes from a Swedish couple. They do have a green wall in their kitchen but the green refers to the fact that they love to use wholefoods and organic ingredients.  I’ve already got a few recipes lined up to try!

A Girl A Style by Miss B…she says that ”By day I stomp around Westminster as a political advisor; by night I indulge my wonderland fantasies of all things beautiful, delicious, fragrant and fashionable”.  This has become one of my regular blog stops, I just adore her images.

Sweet Lime and Spiced Tea from two girls – Claire and Jas – who love all things style: food, fashion, photography, graphic & interior design.  What a lovely discovery with lots of different things to read about.

Coffee Table Delights

At the moment I’m loving pretty books to look at and gain inspiration from. Here’s 3 new additons to my library.  I’ve been eagerly awaiting Vogue: The Covers since before Christmas (long story!), but in the meantime I’m enjoying browsing the pages of Interior Design Inspirations and Modern Vintage Style with much pleasure and joy!

Photographic delights

No new photos this week so I thought I’d share one of my beautiful puusycats who bring me so much joy…

Addicted to Juel

I’ve been working on my “Juel” collection for many years now, although the rate at which it expands has slowed down considerably since leaving Sydney and a relatively well paid job.  However, whenever I visit my hometown I am inexplicably drawn into the world of Elsa, Tegan and Beverley who are always eager to show me their latest designs.  In response I am only to happy to hand over my credit card!!!  In January I came away with the most beautiful bracelet adorned with a gorgeous selection of black, white and clear crystal gemstones.  It’s the perfect accessory to any outfit!

Visit their website or pop into their beautiful shop, they are located at 252 Darling Street Balmain (Sydney,  Australia).

Until next time..,let yourself be inspired, enriched & delighted by life and if you feel like sharing please leave a comment below.


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