Let’s Do Lunch ~ Salsa Style

When I decided to take my Lumix DMC-LX3 out for lunch with me, I thought this would be a post about how much I love that little camera for those occasions when I don’t feel like taking my Canon SLR and sharing a few snaps of the restaurant…but I had such a great time it has turned into a post about one of Port Douglas’ favourite restaurants.  Let me introduce you to Salsa Bar & Grill

To be completely honest I’ve never heard a bad word about Salsa but for one reason or another I just haven’t been there for many years.  It was the birthday of one of my very best friends (hi Lydia!) and this is where she chose to celebrate, so off I went, relishing the excuse for a rare Saturday afternoon off.

Escaping a tropical downpour (they seemed to arrive every time I parked my car yesterday!) we were greeted with a smile by Sybella (what a beautiful name) and she looked after us for the afternoon.  I’m sure you know the type of great service where your glass is always full and your meals arrive at just the right time but you never have the feeling that your waitress is hovering or that she is not there if you need something…that’s exactly how it was.

They had just released a new menu and it was very hard to choose but we all loved what we ordered…not a morsel left on any plate.


I had butterfish for the first time in my life and it was to die for ~ chargrilled with a caramalised onion gateau, balsamic glaze and mussel chorizo escabesch.  It just melted in my mouth!  Of course there was room for dessert, seperate stomach and all that!  I devoured a creme brulee with kaffir lime and macadamia ice cream and yes, it was as good as it sounds!

Coffee all round to finish off a nice long lunch with friends.  I really don’t know why I don’t do lunch more often, might have to work that into my 2012 plan…what do you think?


Fabulous Food, Excellent Service and Relaxed Atmosphere ~  call  4099 4922 to make a booking.

For more information visit their website or facebook page.

4 thoughts on “Let’s Do Lunch ~ Salsa Style

    • Time does fly doesn’t it!!! also went through a huge stage of not getting out much ~ time for that to end 🙂 ….will take my SLR next time so I can get a better shot of those beautiful blue lights!!!

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