2012 Intentions and Visions

I made a decision quite a few years ago not to make new years resolutions…too many promises to myself had been broken in the past and I didn’t like the associated negativity or pressure I put on myself.

The approach of a new year always brings about a feeing of hope, freshness and change so I decided to make it an even more positive experience by putting together some intentions and visions for the upcoming year.  My intentions and visions are the things that I want to change or incorporate into my everyday life. Not the big picture life goals, but the small achievable things that bring joy and happiness into my heart and home.

This year my aspirations are for more BALANCE, CALM and CREATIVITY.  For many reasons these things were not in abundance in 2011 but it’s time for their return!

That all sounds wonderful doesn’t it?  But how are you going to make it happen I hear you ask…well here’s the plan.

To attain more BALANCE in my life I’m aiming for a little less work and a lot more play.  I have started the year off well with a 2 week holiday and continued  by having 2 day weekends.  I’m sleeping more, laughing more and living more!

To bring about more CALM within myself I am planning for a little “me” time…to read a book, pamper myself with a facial or get a massage.  I’m also being mindful not to rush through the day without enjoying it, but to be in the moment and take pleasure in what I’m doing.  I now thoroughly enjoy the time I  spend drinking my morning coffee, brushing the cats and cooking dinner.  When I start to feel rushed or stressed I try to remember to stop and breathe deeply.

To include more CREATIVITY I am taking my camera with me almost everywhere I go.  I’m remembering to really look and see everything around me and take inspiration from it.  I’m looking at books, magazines, nature, wildlife and I’m bookmarking every website that catches my eye.

So one month into the new year and no broken new years resolutions, but rather a gradual move to in the right direction to creating more balance, calm and creativity with positivity and action!

I’m going to come back and read this regularly to see how I’m going.  I imagine I’ll need to remind myself how important these three things are but so far I’m on track!

If you’d like to share your intentions and visions for 2012 please leave a comment below.

Until next time, be happy and healthy, Dee.

7 thoughts on “2012 Intentions and Visions

  1. Fab blog Dee!! I too hate guilting myself into change and this year have done exactly as you have when it comes to the first 2! The creative one is great and I too am going to carry my camera to capture the things that make the day inspiring and special!! Have a wonderful year xoxo

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