Holiday How To…

The Number 1 thing to remember while on holidays ~ allow yourself to stop and just be. It’s ok to give yourself permission to pause!

Number 2 is to do the things that make you feel relaxed, happy and calm.  It’s ok to let your stress go!

I just had my first real break in two and half years so stopping took a little planning…I wanted to do some things I don’t normally get a chance to indulge in and at the same get plenty of rest and relaxation and spend time with my husband.  So here are some of the things that helped me de-stress, relax & revive!

Books…..I love reading, but don’t get nearly as much time as I’d like to relax with a good book, so for this holiday I brought along 4 books that I knew I’d love!  A couple from old favourite authors & a couple of new ones!  I didn’t get through them all but It was wonderful to have some time to sit and read.

My camera…as some of you know I love photography and haven’t done much lately so this was one of the first things I packed! You’ll see lots of photography this year as my camera is coming with me everywhere!  I had fun on this holiday photographing lots of different things.   Immersing myself in this creative hobby helped me to relax and switch off.

My MacBook Pro….I couldn’t help bringing it along as I love writing this blog (not technically work!) and wanted to put together a couple of posts while I was away.  I also loved being able to download and sort through my photos as I took them.

Magazines…another thing I love is a good magazine.  I love looking at the fashion, photography, health & beauty in magazines…an excellent accompaniment to a soy latte or an afternoon glass of bubbly!

Aromatherapy…I can’t go anywhere without my essential oils.  They balance, relax and invigorate me! My aromatherapy holiday kit consisted of lavender, peppermint, sandalwood, geranium, meditation blend, as well as my Tranquillity Perfume Oil & Rose Mist from måă organics.

As well as enjoying these lovely things I spent time with family & friends, ate well, slept well and spent time outdoors…oh, and no holiday is compete without a little shopping spree 😉

I hope you enjoy your next holiday as much as I enjoyed mine and if you feel like sharing your Holiday How To tips please leave a comment below!

Be Happy & Healthy, Dee


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