Snowy Summer

10 things I’ve learnt while holidaying in the Snowy Mountains this summer…

roadside blooms

  1. Don’t assume it’s going to be warm and dry!
  2. Bring clothes for every season.
  3. Thermal underwear is not totally out of the question.
  4. Pack your parker just in case.
  5. Gloves, scarf, beanie and socks are not just for winter.
  6. It can snow in January…well at least a snow shower or three!
  7. Rainbows and stormy skies are amazingly beautiful.
  8. Relaxing in a warm spa bath is the BEST, especially with great friends ♥
  9. Coffee & shopping are great cold weather pastimes and if you’re in Jindabyne Design & Detail is a must see shop!
  10. The Snowy Mountains are absolutey picturesque and a great environment for photographing.

Be Happy and Healthy, Dee.


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