Aromatherapy Holiday Kit

I can’t go anywhere without my essential oils, especially on a 2 week holiday ~ that would be way too long to go without them!  It is always a big project deciding which oils get to come with me!  If I could take them all I would but practicality reigns.  These are the ones I couldn’t leave home without this time.

One of my furry babies was hoping to come along too… both of them had to be left at the their own holiday retreat and am very much looking forward to picking them up soon.

pussycat in suitcaseLavender ~ you can’t go wrong with lavender, I always keep some close by to soothe most skin conditions, calm nerves and relax muscles. It is great for relaxation and balance, to calm and ease anxiety, great for insomnia, headaches and muscular aches and pains, it’s antiseptic and soothing for the skin.

Peppermint ~ another must have for your holiday kit especially if you suffer from headaches or need a refreshing boost to your day.  It’s excellent to cleanse, cool and refresh, it clears the mind, relieves headaches, aids digestion and is one of my favourite fatigue-fighters.

Sandalwood ~ great to calm you down if you’ve been extra busy pre-holiday and feel you need to reconnect and bring your mind, body and soul back into balance.  It helps to harmonise and heal the soul, it’s very grounding, promotes tranquillity, is anti-inflammatory and helps heal and repair skin.

Geranium ~ one of my favourite oils at the moment, it helps to balance the body and boost your mood.  It’s one of the best oils for balancing the nervous system, relieving stress and depression, a great boost if you are feeling run down, good for sore throats, balancing for the skin, one inhalation and you feel a wonderful sense of inner calm!

Meditation Blend is my blend of Frankincense, Myrrh and Rosewood.  It helps create inner calm, is soothing and relaxing and heals the spirit.  It enhances magic, healing and meditation.  Excellent to use in the evening for a deep and peaceful sleep.

Tranquillity Perfect Scents is måă organics soon to be released first perfume oil.  A beautiful blend of  Frangipani, Lime and Patchouli essential oils in a carrier oil of Camellia, it helps integrate positive energies of the mind, body and soul creating inner tranquillity, harmony and optimism.

Rose Mist is måă organics take everywhere hydrosol spray for your face and body.  It restores the skins pH balance, rehydrates, clears negative energy, refreshes and uplifts your spirits.

I’d love to hear what essential oils you can’t live without…

Be Happy and Healthy, Dee


6 thoughts on “Aromatherapy Holiday Kit

  1. I keep a small spray bottle of aromatherapy blend (ginger, lemongrass and lime) in my overnight bag. When I arrive at the place I am staying for holidays, I spritz the room and the pillows. When I go to leave the room and explore on my holidays, I spray the air just up and in front of me and walk through the mist and it puts me in a holiday mood.

  2. Hi I love this, and I am missing my essential oils so much because they are packed up in a box! I miss Geranium, tis my favourite. I will have to order some soon! xxx

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