Dee’s Delights ~ edition 3

Welcome to the 3rd edition of Dee’s Delights, a regular post where I share the things that have recently inspired, enriched & delighted me!

I am lucky to always be surrounded by inspiring people who introduce me to interesting things…

Online discoveries

Funkis ~ adding to my love of all things Northern European, this is an Australian company based in Sydney, showcasing clogs, homewares, fabrics and much more.

 “Part of our range is some of the best Swedish and Scandinavian design has to offer, complemented by our own design in fashion, jewellery, fabrics and homeware”.  Funkis

Purely Possum ~ a fantastic blog covering a variety of topics including living a holistic lifestyle, good nutrition, staying healthy mentally, physically and spiritually and much more!

Snaps ~ A Different Landscape

Windmills from the highway

Addicted to jewellery

Rings are the flavour of the moment! It seems everywhere I look I see a ring I love, want, can’t live without!!!

I recently bought two beautiful hand made creations from Missmarci.   All of Missmarci’s creations consist of new & recycled materials, mainly buttons & they custom make designs too!  Both my rings were made just for me ~ one is black & white, I love the simplicity. The other a fun creation made with a pussycat button that is over 30 years old.  I love them both!   Stay tuned for our interview with the creator of Missmarci.

Next on my list is Neolithic.  I don’t think they have a piece I don’t like.  They make the most unique one off rings with gemstones from all over the world.  They have also created a signature ring which consists of 3 teardrop shaped stones, one black, one white & one red, set in sterling silver – I think it has my name on it!!!  They also create necklaces using resin, gemstones & handmade glass ~ wearable art!

…and of course there’s always Juel, but more about them coming soon.

Until next time…let yourself be inspired, enriched & delighted by life and if you feel like sharing please leave a comment below.


4 thoughts on “Dee’s Delights ~ edition 3

    • Thanks Pamela, the rings are great fun 🙂 and yes, even though I live in quite a remote area of Australia there are lots of interesting, creative people around to inspire me.

  1. I love Funkis too!! My last purchase there was of two greeting cards that had animal-shaped magnets on the front (card plus a gift in one!). One of my nieces loves giraffes and the other loves owls and I was able to get one of each so I used them as my christmas cards with their pressies even though they weren’t “christmassy”. PS. I seem to be addicted to bracelets and cuffs in addition to rings at the moment.

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