Winter Warmers…

Does anyone else have a touch of the winter blues?  I realised just how bad my case was yesterday morning when woke up to a very chilly 6 degrees celcuis.  In my world that is freezing!  I am definitely a summer person.  I feel the cold and find it hard to get warm, not to mention the fact that it effects my mood 😦

I was complaining bitterly that I was totally sick of feeling cold and one of my best friends commented that they had never seen me like this.  That was when I decided it was time to do something about it.  My first stop, of course, was to make a list of my favourite warming essential oils…I’d love to share them with you now!

Black Pepper – Stimulates the mind, energises the body, supports the immune system.  It is warming & comforting  on both a physical & emotional level.  Great if you are feeling stuck.

Cardamom – Fights depression, good for fatigue & weakness, warms the spirit & the senses, good for the lungs (coughs, bronchitis).

Cedarwood – Warming, harmonising, calming & soothing.  Great for exhaustion, nervous tension & anger. Promotes spirituality.

Cinnamon – Sedating to the nervous system, helps with depression & exhaustion.  Warms the muscles.  A great body tonic, antiseptic, helps prevent infections and fight colds & flu.

Clove – Has a positive & stimulating effect on the mind. Good in times of stress & anxiety. Anti-viral properties help prevent infection.

Ginger – A physical & spiritual cleanser.  Great when you are feeling emotionally cold & flat.  Physically it warms the body, promotes circulation & fights fatigue, colds, coughs & sore throats.

All of these lovely oils can be used alone or in a blend.  Here are some of my favourite winter warmer blends.

  • Black pepper, geranium & cardamom
  • Ginger & lavender
  • Clove, orange & cinnamon
  • Ginger, geranium & lavender
  • Lemon Myrtle & Cardamom
  • Ginger & Lime
  • Cedarwood, ginger & grapefruit

Now I’m going to have a cup of hibiscus & rose tea and open my space bags of winter clothes 🙂

If you would like any more information please ask us.

Be Happy and Healthy!, Dee

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